Temple Run Cheats

I’m sure by now a lot of you have heard of the famous and popular game Temple Run. This game was created by Imangi Studios, it is an Arcade game, and it even has a sequel to it, Temple Run 2. It has astounding statistics; Temple Run has had between 100 million to 500 million installs. You will need around 26mb to download this, and it was last updated on December 1, 2014. In app purchases costs from as low as $0.99 to as high as $19.99 per item, Temple Run in game bonuses are affordable for the wallet.  It is also age friendly, good for young children and adults to play. It is available for both platforms, Android and iOS, and only in the language English. The current in app purchases are all coin packs. For $0.99 you can get 2,500 coins, for $4.99 you can get 25,000 coins, for $9.99 you can get 75,000 coins, and finally for 200,000 coins you can get it for $19.99. Currently on Google Play store, it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, rated by over 1 million people! On the iTunes store, Temple Run was also rated by over 1.5 million people with the rating of 4.5 stars!

In Temple Run, you are the protagonist that stole the cursed idol from the temple. In order to survive, you have to run for your life to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys trying to capture you. If you get captured, you lose the game and you face death or being eaten. Temple Run is an extremely thrilling and fun game; it is fast paced and keeps you on your toes, one of the most hyped and addicting games in the market today. This game takes place in a temple, where you have to swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, use the coins to unlock new characters, and buy power ups! The premium currency in this game are gems/diamonds, which you can earn in the game, buy from in app store, or earn by watching advertisements in Temple Run

Temple Run features 7 different playable characters for you to unlock and play with. This includes the starting character, Guy Dangerous. He is the character that is provided for you when you first start the game. Besides Guy Dangerous, there is also Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Montana Smith, Francisco Montoya, and Zach Wonder. Here are the descriptions for each of the characters: Guy Dangerous is your average explorer, Scarlett Fox is a cunning escape artist. Barry Bones is a city cop with an attitude, Karma Lee has the fastest legs in the Far East, Montana Smith is the second greatest explorer ever, Francisco Montoya is a conquistador, and finally Zach Wonder is a football star. Each of these characters cost coins to unlock. For Scarlett Fox and Barry Bones, you will need 10,000 coins. For Karma Lee, Montana Smith, Francisco Montoya, and Zach Wonder each cost 25,000 coins.

Furthermore, throughout the gameplay, you will be able to gain game bonuses. A lot of these game power ups presents you with great game benefits. The several power ups includes: Mega Coin, Coin Magnet, Invisibility, Boost, and Coin Values. The game objective of Temple Run is straightforward and simple. You just have to run and stay away from the monkeys, and you will win. Each of the individual characters have their own voice actors, so they all sound different. When your character runs, falls, or trips, they will make a sound. As you run more distance in Temple Run, you will see tree branches, rocks, fire, and even a big river. You can even lose by banging your head on the tree bark.

Temple Run Cheats

Temple Run Cheats & Tips

Surprisingly not, Temple Run has several cheats and glitches in this game. The first one is called the “Straight Line Cheat.” Basically this glitch would allow you to run in a straight line,where the game won’t twist and turn. To enable this cheat, you need to go to the options and turn on the tutorial mode. Then you start to run, and as you approach the first corner, double swipe on the first screen as fast as you can, remember two swipes. Then your character will start to spin around and run in a straight line, after that, your character will start running in a straight line without you moving it. The downside of this is that you can’t save your score and you can die by hitting the wall, but you can always screenshot your score and brag to your friends.

Another cheat you can get is on the title screen. You will need to add these codes to the title screen. There are two different codes, the first one is “samhines86,” this one will give you unlimited invincibility, and “rxh7nigh,” will give you unlockable characters. The only downside of this cheat is that you need to have your device jail broken to do this, and also the Temple Run version 1.3. Two other glitches are the “Infinite Coins Glitch” and the “Slide Trick.” The Infinite Coins Glitch isn’t really a glitch or a cheat, its basically using the Straight Line Cheat so you can “collect” all the coins. However, you will not be able to actually collect them as it won’t go into your game. The Slide Trick is where you don’t have to look up at the game. Although the downside is that you won’t see anything other than trees. In Temple Run there are trees, rocks, fire, and missing floor pieces, so this could make you lose even faster. Just when you are unaware and think you are safe, a piece of the bridge will be missing and if you aren’t careful, you will fall off that bridge and lose the game.

Like every other game, you need to take a break so you can concentrate again and rest your eyes. Although it may be tempting to keep playing Temple Run forever, this is not very ideal. If you are losing a lot, this may be because you are playing for long hours and you don’t have as much concentration. Try taking a break, and play again in a few hours. You will see a big improvement.


I got introduced to Temple Run by one of my friends during lunch time when I was back in school. I died the first time I played. And then I made it my mission to get a high score. I really love everything about Temple Run, everything is very well composed. Although Temple Run is a fairly small game, it does deliver everything a fast paced, and addicting game should. While playing this game, you will be drawn in to beat your friends score or your own personal high score. As the game progresses, the game would go faster and faster, and they will also throw you more obstacles.

Although you may lose once the speed increases, you have chances to use a resurrection game bonus to resurrect your life. These takes the premium currency in the game, but Temple Run allows many opportunities for you to earn free premium currency without paying. Even if you do decide to pay, the in game purchases aren’t as expensive as others. The highest amount you can pay is $19.99. Although Temple Run isn’t forcing you to buy anything when they show you the videos, or watch annoying ads that just pops up randomly during gameplay,  watching the videos to earn premium currency is voluntary, and plus, Imangi Studios are also earning a revenue through the videos as well. Players won’t complain about watching the videos to earn premium currency because they are voluntarily doing this, the score ratings for Temple Run won’t be lowered, but instead higher because they see Imangi Studio as a generous company that doesn’t have high in app purchases or even disrupts your precious gameplay with irrelevant ads.

Several favorite elements I liked about Temple Run is the opportunities to gain free premium currency, quick and easy, ability to play offline, and also several new characters that you can unlock. Many popular games that have reached over 1 million download, will oftentimes offer “new” in game bonuses that are not necessary to the game. They will also start pricing the items for a higher price, but even though Temple Run reached over 500 million installs, the company didn’t raise the prices for the game. The option to earn free premium currency is also a bonus because you don’t have to go through a lot of ads and downloads to get one gem. Lastly, the ability to play offline is great. Usually, people will be playing Temple Run on the train underground. It really sucks when you can’t play your favorite game while underground, when you have nothing to do. I give props to Temple Run for letting players have this option. It allows players to have an easier access to the game as well as keeping the addiction high.

Temple Run Cheats

Our Own Ratings

Artwork: 8/10 for Temple Run’s artwork. While I didn’t find anything special about the art, it is consistent in quality and delivering the clear colors. Many games if you have weak wifi or no wifi, the graphics kind of simmers down. Meaning, the colors are faded out, and the artwork looks different. I think that because Temple Run offers offline wifi play, the artwork is consistent even when you don’t have a strong wifi at home or school. If you can’t see the artwork or the game interfaces doesn’t load, how can you further enjoy the game?

Music & SFX: 6/10 for the Music and SFX. Temple Run is a fairly simple game, this being said, the music and SFX doesn’t change much. The music stays the same throughout your whole gameplay. The only thing that changes is when you are interacting with your game character. They start to make ‘sounds’. Also, the game sound doesn’t lag when you play it. This is good because in some games, the game starts lagging and the music and SFX starts stuttering, ultimately, crashing the app down as well.

Story & Originality: 10/10 for Temple Run’s story and originality. Props to Temple Run for keeping this game simple! Many games offers similar story line, but they keep adding more things to the game, thinking it would make the game better. But instead, this only makes the game worse. There’s not a lot of content in Temple Run for you to do, you can only play the game, unlock characters, get in game bonuses. For a game to be addictive, simple is the best way to go.

General Gameplay: 10/10 for Temple Run’s general gameplay. With the option of not using wifi and the game being consistent throughout every time you play it, this game deserves a full score.

Addictiveness: Another 10/10 for Temple Run’s addictiveness factor! Game producers, if you really want players to get hooked onto your game, you would want to add three features. The first would be ability to play with no wifi, secondly, easy ways to earn in app premium currency whether with daily login bonus or watching easy ads, lastly, don’t price in app bonuses so high! It doesn’t help sales! Temple Run is highly addictive due to its high paced game, and it keeps you on edge, it also allows you to get competitive with your friends.

Overall Rating for Temple Run is a 9/10. Temple Run keeps you on your toes, and with its simple interactions and game format for this game anyone can play it without even knowing its prior background story. Also, if you are looking for a fast and easy game to kill time, Temple Run is the game for you. You will be hooked in no time, because it isn’t easy to keep a high score every time!

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I’m sure by now a lot of you have heard of the famous and popular game Temple Run. This game was created by Imangi Studios, it is an Arcade game, and it even has a sequel to it, Temple Run 2. It has astounding statistics; Temple Run has had...