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In the not too distant future, Typhon Vex, the leader of the Raiders has started assaulting the lands of Acheron, in the hopes of finding great power. Will you take up arms and put down this Raider force with the help of hundreds of soldiers, tanks and other tools of war? If so, then get ready to build a deck, upgrade and fuse cards to reach the top of the leaderboard in the online battles of Tyrant Unleashed!

Tyrant Unleashed is a new strategy card game created by Synapse Games, and released under Kongregate’s supervision. Some of the other popular titles released by Kongregate include BattleHand, Bullet Boy, Spellstone and Cardinal Quest 2, just to mention a few for 2016.

As for its ratings, Tyrant Unleashed has a stable 4/5 stars on both the Google Play Store and theApple App Store in 2016. Over a million downloads have been amassed by the game since release, but users have mixed opinions about it. Let’s take a closer look and see what the reason for this might be!

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About Tyrant Unleashed

Synapse Games seems to have found their calling, as Tyrant Unleashed is their second card game released in a short time that uses the same battle mechanic, and the other one is Spellstone. But how does the game compare on its own, if we look past the similarities between the two titles?

Let’s just say that this card game doesn’t exactly work like your usual, more serious card games, such as Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone. In Tyrant Unleashed you start with a small number of cards ready, and as you progress in the story missions, your deck will constantly get updated with new cards. Not only that, but you will also get gold as a reward for missions, and 100 gold can be exchanged for a random card in the Store. Using these methods your maximum of 10 cards deck will soon be filled.

Tyrant Unleashed cheats

But before we move on, what does a mission look like? It’s quite simple: Before you get to fight, you have the option to learn more about the story by watching conversations between characters, such as your team who will aid you in the battle against the Raiders, and their leader Typhon Vex, as he is planning to exploit the power of the land for his selfish needs. Then the battle starts, which will put you against a great array of enemies, including minions of Vex or even Bloodthirsty monsters of the lands.

Once you are in a card battle, you can then play a card from your hand, and if the card has no delay, then it will immediately attack the opposing hero. Then comes the opponent, and he places a card on the battlefield as well, and attacks just like you, or waits as many turns as the delay indicator shows on the card. Soldiers, tanks and all kinds of creature cards will prioritize opposing creatures before being able to attack the enemy hero, and they will always attack the creature that is in front of them on the same column. After a card gets destroyed, then the card on a row without an opponent can directly attack the hero. Taking the health of the hero down to 0 is your goal, as that means instant victory.

But how can cards be destroyed in Tyrant Unleashed? Each card has two stats, such as attack and health. For example, one creature might have 3 attack, meaning that it does 3 damage to opposing creatures and heroes. If it has 5 health at the same time, then it means it can survive 5 damage before dying. Also important to keep in mind is that damage is permanent, and creatures retain all damage done to them, so a 5 health creature that was damaged by 2 attack will have only 3 health for as long as it doesn’t get damaged again.

But the battles of Tyrant Unleashed are not only about brute force, as cards tend to have special abilities as well. Some examples of these are Strike 1, which means that the card with this ability will deal 1 damage to a random enemy Assault card before it attacks. If this same card has Siege 1 as well, then that means it will deal 1 damage to a random Siege card as well. Assault cards are all cards that can attack by themselves, and Siege cards are played to put defenses on the hero, but can’t attack.

Another good example of an ability is Armor 1, which means that the creature with this ability will take 1 less damage from each attack, but if the opposing one has Pierce 1, then it can disregard that Armor. Other types of abilities include Heal 1, and it heals a friendly card by 1 health, or Weaken 1, which will reduce the attack of a random enemy creature by 1.
While these factors can make battles more strategic, there are also ways to make sure your cards are top-notch all the time. This is done by upgrading cards multiple times and fusing them. Upgrades are simple, all you have to do is place your chosen card in the upgrade field, and it will cost a certain amount of SP to upgrade into the form that is indicated on the outcome screen. For example a 1/4 Annelid Mass with Leech 1 will be turned into a 2/4 Annelid Mass, but another upgrade of it will turn it into a 2/4 Annelid Mass with Leech 2, meaning that it heals 2 health everytime it deals 2 damage.

Fusion in Tyrant Unleashed is much simpler though, and it requires multiple cards according to a recipe to create a new one, but the used cards are lost in the process. Lastly, you can also salvage unwanted and weak cards, and turn them into SP to be reused again.

Another way to customize your deck is by using different heroes, as some of them will have special powers, such as the ability to Heal or Weaken creatures each turn, or to buff their own. At first you can only use the most basic heroes, but as you progress in the online Battles, more will be unlocked.

Tyrant Unleashed cheats
Online Battles are another important part of the game, as this is where you get to face off against random opposing players, and win rank points by defeating them. You don’t actually play in realtime though, but a computer controlled deck of the player, played out in the most optimal way. As you are successful in these online Battles, you will earn rank and unlock new heroes to be used from then on, as well as gain gold rewards for every player beaten.

Of course, Tyrant Unleashed has in-app purchases as well, in the form of the premium War Bonds to be bought. This currency can be used to unlock all kinds of special limited time offer packs in the Store, as well as to get extra card slots in the inventory, or to buy Rare and Epic Card Packs. The smallest pack of War Bonds costs $4.99 and has 50 inside it, while the biggest pack goes for $99.99 and includes 1,400 War Bonds. Remaining purchases are special limited time card and War Bonds packs that can be bought for $3.99, $5.99 or $9.99.

Cheats & Tips for Tyrant Unleashed

Tyrant Unleashed is a card game that can feel a little unfair at times, especially online, because players who pay real money have an advantage. To counter this, you might wish to find cheats to get just as powerful as them, and I can’t blame you for it. So let me give you some ideas on what cheats to use and how to get the most currency, as well as tell you some tips and tricks to make the gameplay easier!

Firstly, you should always focus on quests, as these award you with a lot of gold on completion, and some rare ones can even provide War Bonds, if you are lucky. Quests always refill as you progress, so there will be more than one to do at all times. Some of these are also not hard to finish, especially when they only ask you to complete a story mission or to do a number of online Battles.

Another good way to get more currency income in Tyrant Unleashed is by joining a Guild, as when you are part of one, you will get to be able to take part in Guild Wars, where special loot can be found. This loot can not only be gold and War Bonds, but also Rare and Epic cards that are much harder to get otherwise. Not even mentioning the fact that you can ask for help from the Guild members at all times using the chat.
If you want some more free cards, then you will be glad to hear that one of the cheats is just about that. This is not a too obvious feature of the game, but if you go to the deck builder, there is a countdown timer below your cards. Once this hits zero, you can then activate it and claim a free card. Remember to come back for the free card anytime you can, as it can speed up progression a lot!

As for the gameplay of Tyrant Unleashed, your best bet is to think tactically about the next moves of your opponent. You can’t see their hands or expect their moves, but you should still play cards that can withstand a good blow, so they don’t just die without doing anything. Also keep in mind that cards move on the board as others get destroyed, so you can rearrange the enemy side of the board by destroying certain creatures. Playing high health creatures to withstand the most attacks is a good strategy as well.

Tyrant Unleashed Review

After having played Spellstone, the developer’s other card game, I have seen too many similarities between the two. Most of the game mechanics are the same, and only the theme is distinct. But there is also a big difference, and that is the fact that while Spellstone was original in its art and design, Tyrant Unleashed instead decided to go for a depressive and bland visual style.

Tyrant Unleashed cheats

Probably one of my first thoughts when going into this game was that every card and creature is so bleak, faded and dark. They are not even dark in a good way, but more like uninteresting and unimaginative. The card arts are really important in a card game, obviously, so this has lowered my morale a bit.
The next thing that bothered me was the storyline, as even though there was a lot of conversation between characters, talking about the world, but none of it felt important. Most of their speech was just generic and bland, instead of being any interesting. A “generic evil has attacked us” was the end point of each conversation, and it bored me to no end.

Moving past the visuals and the story, the gameplay is quite simple as well, and not in a good way either. While the tactics of card battles are there, and at rare times I had to think about what card to play, but most of the time I could just drop my biggest health and most upgraded creatures, so the outcome was sealed. I just turned the battle speed to 4x after a while, and kept throwing out my best minions and skipping turn animations, as the battles have become tiresome and boring, instead of staying challenging.

As for the upgrade and fusion mechanic, it’s still a nice feature that was also available in Spellstone, and not much has changed here, even the SP cost is equal to the Dust cost from that game. The problem is that gaining SP is harder than getting Dust in the other title, therefore upgrades become slower.
Talking about slowness, probably the biggest issue of the game is the ability for paying players to dominate the online Battles, as they get a huge advantage over free players. The ability to buy guaranteed Rare and Epic cards, as well as special card packs turns online Battles into a money battle at higher levels, which is a shame. While free players will move slower through the ranks, they will even get to a halt, after reaching a point where only paying players move on from.

Overall, Tyrant Unleashed is a card game that could have been a lot better, but instead decided to stay a worse clone of Spellstone, a game that is both better visually and in gameplay. Just go and play Spellstone for a better experience, instead of spending your time here.


Artwork: I give Tyrant Unleashed a 4/10 for its artwork. The art in this game is highly disappointing, as a lot of cards look too similar and bland overall. The general art direction is also disappointing, and I dare say even depressing to look at.
Music & SFX: The music and SFX gets a 6/10 from me. The only musical track of the game is your typical “end of the world resistance” song on a loop, and it’s barely noticeable most of the time. The SFX don’t even worth a mention, as there isn’t much else other than machine gun attack sounds.
Story & Originality: For the story and originality of Tyrant Unleashed, I give it a 5/10. The storyline feels forced and is this generic badguy wants the world story that seems to go nowhere good. Originality wise the game doesn’t deserve much as it’s exactly the same as Spellstone, but with a badly presented theme.
General Gameplay: The general gameplay deserves a 5/10. Uninteresting and grindy battles is what describes the gameplay the best, as well as the inbalance of online play thanks to the in-app purchases. The singleplayer story is also not engaging at all, so what’s left to look forward to? Not much, sadly.
Addictiveness: The addictiveness level of the game gets a 4/10 from me. I could only see the Guilds as a reason to come back to this title, as otherwise you could be playing the almost identical, but exclusively better Spellstone, or any other card game that has original ideas.
Overall Score: 5/10.

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In the not too distant future, Typhon Vex, the leader of the Raiders has started assaulting the lands of Acheron, in the hopes of finding great power. Will you take up arms and put down this Raider force with the help of hundreds of soldiers, tanks and other tools...