Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds better known PUBG is one of the classic games very played today and have connected to masses on a deeper scale and it is in fact way more deeper than it appears to be. With over 50 million copies sold world wide it is second best selling game on planet. There are around 87 million players participate in the game every day seeing all it can be said the developers have hit the right spot and scored top in the gaming industry. On the revenue scale it has grabbed 100 million with PUBG mobile sales.

PUBG first appeared for PC only and popularized the whole battle royale genre and gradually made its inroads into Android and iOS niches and finally settled its foots on PS4 devices.

To define it simply as the players are dropped down a plane on uninhabited island squad with a team of 4, duo and also solo. Later they have to collect weapons and accessories such as guns, masks, backpacks, grenades and all that you can think of that they find in the strangest places on that island. Besides, the safe zone is also there for players to rest in. If they ever ventured to get out of safe zone they can lose health and eventually get killed.

It is important to remain very attentive in such a game and it is very challenging one you should use real hacks or a magic wand to succeed in PUBG or else you will keep losing. To simplify the game we have got your back with pubg.

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Leading you through the game with PUBG hacks is the best way to overcome the opponents. It is a fact that other players would not appreciate it but many have used these pubg cheats to overcome others.

The developers PUBG Corp have been banning players who have tried to play the game through these means that were found using these pubg cheat codes. But they have been connected with the game later on using the same cheats.

It is still next to impossible to tell what kicked you out so this is where these reliable cheat codes are useful. That means you can keep yourself in the game and defeat others as well with these cheats.

1- PUBG mobile play has two basic cheats that are very common too– aim hacks and speed hacks. As the name says so one cheat makes you speed up and explore the map swiftly and the other makes it possible for you to hit with perfection.

2- The speed hack is so amazing that there is no way any other player matches your pace and take you down due to speed in the mid of Pochinki right before the bullet fire at them in Gatka. That means they have the right to take down players that they can locate.

3- All weapons use in PUBG have recoils and you need to control and reset them just waiting for a while during the shots.

4- The players with scripts and macros to control the recoil automatically and be perfect. All they need is to push the fire button without using mouse to control the recoil as the script takes care of everything for you.

5- Only you can confuse yourself while using these cheats with the aim hack. The script has everything for you already loaded. Recoil is not only an aim hack as it cannot lock on the target rather provides players with advantage and it can be controlled by a player who has mastery over using the recoil.

6- Besides pubg wall hacks also allow players to see through, you can add extra UI to locate the player’s hideout.

7- The hackers cannot locate other players on other map side but can access and use information to get dropped over unsuspecting other players that consider themselves safe in their hideouts.

8- The God Mode feature is highly rated PUBG mobile hack and is very useful too that makes you indestructible so it never lets you lose health and when other players aim at you or even take the right shot still they miss it.

9- With the help of pubg infinite ammo hack. By using it you don’t need to take up ammo from various places rather it gets reloaded automatically.

10- BattleEye the vigilante software system keep monitoring the whole game for useful pubg hacks that are used during playing this game.

11- The software which can be used for anti-cheats too better known pubg anti-cheat protection software easily shields you by putting a strong shield across the whole game. As the BattleEye spots your location, it corrupts the data of yours and kicks the player (you) out of the system.

12- If your own team mate is killed or injured by you the rating goes down of your play. As the rating dips down to 60 you cannot join the team or even duo would not match without your good rating score with solo matches and that is quite a tough task.

13- Seeing the popularity and hacking, PUBG developers released the new anti-cheat and reporting feature with which the players can report easily in real-time who have been caught or suspected that the player used pubg cheat codes.

14- Therefore while using pubg hacks you must keep a low profile, so it is your duty to use tactics and keep yourself safe and don’t let anyone sport you. While hiding under the bridge lines as you move higher, sprinting or even moving randomly can makes you impossible to spot you even shoot you.

15- Don’t forget to move without a cover to cover, also never forget to keep scanning the surroundings to avoid getting trapped.

16- Turn off or don’t use it in ‘all’ mode for avoiding the risk of your location spot if the enemy squad is also using the pubg mobile cheats. But keep it turned on for the team communication but immediately turn off if the team members have stopped responding for good.

17- Try to locate the suppressor first for the last levels end because it is only suppressor that can help you keep your position intact.

18- If an opponent emerges out of no where just go prone or crouch before aiming. It will definitely make your enemy stop shooting for aiming down and you will get plenty time to take your shot at enemy.

19- Always make you kill shots high but survival should be the priority and chief concern. These are the reasons why PUBG Mobile is considered one of the best shooting games.

20- Don’t use your weapons without a purpose rather improvise them weapons and ammo the best way. Like keep your rifle stuck to your shoulder with flash hider, suppressor, compensator and exercise amazing controls over each aspect with professionalism.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is the game that can take you places and to many levels of stress, energy, entertainment and excitement and it is what makes it different from the rest. PUBG mobile has been updated recently so enjoy these festivities while playing pubg mobile. MonsteriOS CheatsAndroid CheatsPS4 Games Cheats & Codescheats,codes,pubg,pubg cheat codes,pubg mobile cheats,pubg script
Player Unknown's Battlegrounds better known PUBG is one of the classic games very played today and have connected to masses on a deeper scale and it is in fact way more deeper than it appears to be. With over 50 million copies sold world wide it is second best...