We have reviewed below three best headsets for best 3d audio wireless headphones for best audio quality experience while gaming on on PS5 Xbox Nintendo, Mac and PC. These are so far the best wireless gaming headset 2021 rated at top on Reddit and other popular platforms.

Pulse 3D 


Coming in at number three among the best wireless headsets for 3d audio on PS5, Mac and PC right here is the PlayStation 3d pulse headset. So starting off with comfort whenever we look at these ear cushions yes they are big yes they are plush they’re 100 pleasant. Do your ear pads look, smell or feel like this if so then it’s time to replace your ear pads with a fresh set of wicked cushions and that goes right up to the headband as well.  That’s how it adjusts as it’s elastic adjusting right there rubber headband so nice and durable it’s not going to crack and peel on you over time.


The whole design of the PS5 Pulse 3D is just so futuristic looking and again this just goes right in play right there plenty of adjustability right here. We take all those aspects and put them together as far as comfort on a 3D pulse is which is cozy but they’re comfortable. 


Which is why they’re on this list all right so now going right in line with comfort. Here now this headset is pretty much all plastic minus again the rubber headband and then your pleather ear cushions there but the rest of the build is completely plastic. I do get a really premium feel in it it is a nice thicker plastic again as you can see it’s swooping down where we talked about the swivel in the ear cups. And now let’s do the stress test and just bend it out. While doing that, here I hear that little creek and I’m not sure where that’s coming from is not plastic. I think it has something to do with the adjustable headband in there. That headband is stopping me from stretching any further but I mean if you got a bigger head than that we got to shop somewhere else. You know what I mean. 


I feel like it’s very durable and I do get a really nice premium feel in hand now talking features and functions on the 3D pulse headset looking at the back left ear cups starting at the top you have your game to chat volume your mic monitoring on or off and it’s not just a button. 

It’s a nice little switch right there you have your volume up and down, mic mute, mic active, usb-c charging 3.5 port and then on the front you have your power switch. Now that’s really cool on a 3D pulse headset. You have all your controls everything you need while you’re in game right on the back of the headset. Now yes it is a little bit of a stinker it’s really hard to decipher both of them there now you see on the volume you got the little bump. I guess you can remember that and then your game to chat up top me personally. I wish the buttons were a little bit different and you can clearly decipher one from the other. It is super cool to have all those controls right on your headset now using the headset wirelessly it’s just simply plug in this dongle and power the headset on. You’re good to go and the cool thing about this that goes for every other device like i stated working on pc working on mac take the usb dongle out put in the other one bam and you’re paired up.

Actually leave the headset on give it a couple seconds and it pairs right up to that device which is really cool. You don’t have to hold down the button, hold down that button, wait for it to beep, wait for it to pair up. We really love that about this simplicity and as far as using this headset wireless you get up to 15 hours of battery life but like I said with the 3.5 you can use these guys just plug right in a controller heck even an Xbox controller uncharged. Just go straight 3.5 but anyways as far as the sound of this headset right here it is so nice it’s so detailed and so clear. We’ve been playing a lot of spider-man miles morales on the ps5 we also play some rogue company just to practice like or test some footsteps and stuff like that in a directional sound. 

This covered everything really nice. It’s not a humpy bass it’s not like this hard ear shaking bass if you’re expecting beats or something some of the other headsets we’ll talk about have more bass. But this has a really nice just crisp natural sound we’d probably put it in like the best class. 

Sound quality of Pulse 3D

This is sounding a little distant maybe a little echoey right think of it like a phone on speakerphone or think about it like some earbud microphone that’s the effect you’re getting here because again i’m talking forward but the microphone’s picking us up behind. So it’s really cool that you don’t have to attach your mic or have this big thing in your face which we honestly seriously love but again you’re gonna get this weird echoey distance sound. 

Final Verdict 

So when we take all that compile it up at our number three headset right here the 3d pulse, we really like what this headset’s offering at 100 bucks. If you can find them these days I mean they’re sold out everywhere. But at 100 bucks this headset is packing a serious punch with a lot of features. We mean the design aesthetic is just awesome, this guy sitting on a deck’s nest to that ps5 it just looks so cool it really does it definitely probably the best looking headset out of all of them. 


SteelSeries Arctis 7


What a win now coming in at number two is the SteelSeries Arctis 7 wireless headset. Some of you just like what man steel series isn’t at number one and let me tell you what one and two right here were very very hard to pick. They really were very hard and work fantastic on PC, Nintendo, PS5 for best 3d audio quality. 

Arctis 7p Vs Arctis 9 

But anyways also some of you guys might be asking. Wait why don’t you have the Arctis’ 9 in there? These guys and yes I would take the Arctis 9 over the arctic 7 but as far as price to value to justify the 50% increase on these guys that’s a personal preference thing. The only difference cutting to the chase is these guys have Bluetooth these don’t so again if you don’t need the Bluetooth don’t even question these. We needed Bluetooth so we did review these. We think it’s just a personal preference feature, something we honestly love and need. 


The arctis 7 here if any of you have seen any of other headset reviews you all know we absolutely love the arctis’ line of headset as far as comfort they are so stinking cozy, they’re soft, they’re plush, they’re lined with pleather so they lock in that sound. Plenty big, plenty wide and plenty deep for us. As we have heard people say they’re not deep enough in their ears touch the drivers. 

For us absolutely phenomenal going right up to the headband up, nice adjustable ski band that doesn’t adjust by the arm right there. It just feels like it’s floating on top of your head and that’s how you adjust it by the elastic right there, tighten it or loosen it and it just feels like it’s floating as far as adjustability on these guys ear cushions go in and out. They go all the way flat and a little bit forward right there so plenty of adjustability to get no pressure points with this headset. If any of you have ever watched any of the other headset reviews of steel series which they have covered all them even these in a standalone review you can read here all day long and just tell you how stinking cozy these are. 

They are absolutely phenomenal as I just put I don’t have a single pressure point anywhere not on the top of my head. When I take my hat off or have it on, not on my ears, not on my jawline or anything it is so incredibly cozy. I mean you can fall asleep with these comfy PS5 headsets on your head honestly even looking at number one which is an absolutely cozy headset. These definitely are the most comfortable headset even out of our top three here which is kind of weird because you expect that to be at number one but you have to wait to see number one so as far as comfort complete win.


Now going into the build of the arctis 7 PS5 headset which is pretty much plastic minus your headband up here which is metal. It goes into the plastic bracket, the arm and then the ear cups. When I take these guys stretch them out , I really don’t get worried. Twist them up not worried again there’s so much adjustability with them that you’re relieving a lot of those pressure points from a bracket here and a bracket there. You know what I mean so again we don’t get worried stretching these guys out one bit and you do have a really nice premium feel now.

Features and specs. 

Their features and functions on the Arctis 7p. Here on the back right ear cup you have side tone up and down right underneath that you have your power button going to the back left ear cup microphone to mute microphone active volume up and down. That little port is given where you plug in the steel series 3.5 and you use it into a controller without them being powered on right underneath that 3.5 port for shareport where you can plug in someone else’s headphones and they can hear what you’re hearing right below that charge port. Then your retractable microphone now talking about using the 7ps you’d absolutely love it you just have this little dongle.

As you can see it’s usb-c which you can plug it into PlayStation by the usbc but whenever you plug the usb-c into the PlayStation 5 it actually covers up the other usb port which is a stinker but in your box you did get an adapter going from usb to the c. So you can plug it in the back and you’ll be perfectly fine but I really love this PS5 headset for 3D audio. If you’re on pc plug it into usb-c if you’re on Mac you can use usb-c port which we know that’s the majority of what we have on there right but also on the Nintendo Switch you can plug it into the bottom of the Nintendo Switch and use it wirelessly. That way it is awesome again the simplicity and versatility of using this wirelessly. 

We absolutely love it and as far as using them wirelessly you get up to 24 hours of battery life and talking about distance and range walking around the entire house on the PlayStation one over there the 3d pulse no lag no delays no hiccups no static or anything. When we were walking from my room a game room over to the kitchen to get a drink or something that goes with any of these headsets– no lag or delay at all. 

Sound quality 

So now talking sound on the Arctis 7p here we’re using 40 millimeter drivers with a frequency range of 20 to 20 000. Don’t get it in your head thinking now by the way some of you if you read here as we said 20-20 right here. The 20 being the low end of bass 20 thousand meter high end of highs right there so like headphones a lot your range will be a lot bigger and you’ll get a little more crisper and more natural sound. But with the Arctis’ line of headsets they don’t overdo anything. That’s what we love about these headsets for 3D audio. The base isn’t overdone, it’s not muddy. You know it’s not just rumbly back there it’s crisp and detailed again kind of thing about what we’d said about the 3d pulse headset. 

Take that but put a little bit more bass into these. You get a little bit more immersion with these guys now catch me there it’s not like a bass that like say if you’re playing rainbow six or something like that right where you’re just getting too much bass; you can’t hear any footsteps or anything it’s not like that it’s a really nice crispy punchy bass. You get that immersion you get the detail, if you’re playing competitive or a story game it really rounds out with these headsets; with those head the ear cups being lined with the pleather it locks in that sound it’s not just breathing right out of them you know. The sound on Arctis headsets. We actually use it, I stated with the a9s that’s what we normally use on our pc as a wireless headset actually went from the Arctis pros to the 9s. It created quite a change you know  as far as the sound on any of the Arctis lines of headsets they’re fantastic and that goes right in line with the Arctis 7ps.

Microphone of Arctis 7p

 We loved the sound all right so we are now using the microphone on the steel series Arctis 7p as we talked about earlier this microphone is retractable. It goes right in there nice and compact pull it out whenever you want mold it wherever you want as well the cool thing we love about this microphone is the mute button again you press it on the back and then the front of the microphone lights up red so you have that clear notification right in front of your face. This microphone is muted right there. So I really really like that touch right there now the steel series microphones on pretty much a lot of their headsets if not all the microphones definitely not the best it’s it’s a little high pitched maybe throw a windscreen on this on this you get them for like a buck off amazon. I think you really round it out but it definitely picks up some p’s and t’s you got a real high pitched tinny sound with the Arctis line microphone. But all in all this is a microphone on seven all right so all in all the SteelSeries Arctis 7p headset coming in at number two and coming in at 150 bucks. 

Final Verdict 

We love this headset 150 bucks you’re getting your money’s worth you really are from the comfort is absolutely fantastic the sound is great for no matter what game you’re playing right there the microphone not the best but i really do like it again throw a windscreen on I think you’re gonna be fine but then again you know you kind of come into the place you put a windscreen on it

then you’re gonna be covering up that mute notification that we really liked. We’d prefer the mute notification rather than the windscreen honestly in my personal opinion right there. All in all the headset here with the features and the functions and just the quality sound, comfort we love this headset. The only difference if you’re looking at these is these have access to Bluetooth and yes you can have your game playing and the Bluetooth at the same time. So we always state in reviews we need Bluetooth right because our kids go to school we don’t want to be locked into a round of call of duty miss some important call from school or office. So that’s really the only difference here is these guys are gonna have access to Bluetooth where you can pair your phone and game at the same time. 

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2


Coming in at number one is a turtle beach stealth 700 gen 2 headset. I know a lot of you out there might have a bad taste in your mouth from turtle beach years ago, I’m talking like shoot probably two three years ago if not more. They just were known for having quite a chunky build and let me tell you what you do not get this with the 700 gen twos heck with any turtle beach headset these days they come a long way and they’re really solid but seriously talking about the 700 gen 2s; these headsets are solid let’s check them out number one starting with comfort here 

Comfort and ease 

They come with these ear cushions memory foam hot tamale; these things are very cozy little cooling gel underneath. There so again they’re nice and soft and cool to the touch your ears don’t get too sweaty in these; either they got that sportsman silky material on the outside inside

and then pleather lined on the outside. There it is going to lock in that sound for you, plenty big, plenty deep and very very cozy going up to the headband. It is fully pleather there plenty of plushness again pretty nice and cozy right there now as far as adjustability on this headset you do have that standard adjustable arm coming out right there but it does hold your clicks nice and precisely so it’s not going to adjust on you when you take it on or off; it does hold this position ear cushions in and out right there.

 You can go totally flat with these guys and a little bit forward, you really remove any of those pressure points anywhere on your head now just looking at that right there I mean you got to agree with me you can just look at touch ear cushions it’s just like greatest. It’s like a tempur-pedic air cushion you know what I mean, like a cloud cozy but the one downfall about this is probably the only thing I personally can say. I don’t like this headset and this is gonna be different for everybody. That is the clamping force. It’s definitely a medium clamping force now these ear cushions are so big and so plush that they just sink into my head.

 While wearing them on I’m not really feeling a pressure point anywhere it’s not hurting me to appear in the back or anything like that. I do kind of just feel them sitting there i wish it was a little bit lighter now that’s going to be different for everybody now the majority of this headset is plastic as well so I can’t really form it into a different shape but that’s going to be different for everybody maybe you got a smaller head it’s going to be perfect for if you’ve got a bigger head it might be too tight.

What i mean again kind of coming right off the line of the 7ps. That’s an immediate and clamping force and I think it would be perfect for anybody but these headsets are just a pinch tight.


 Like I stated the headset is pretty much majority all plastic minus your adjustable headband right there it is metal reinforced but the plastic on this guy is thick and heavy duty very premium feeling in your hand you definitely feel it, say heavy duty it’s not like heavy on your head but again you just feel like you have a very very quality product in your hand. Now as far as stretching out durability test this as far as I can go because again that plastic is quite heavy duty there now when I twist it up the headband has a lot of give right there i don’t get worried. We have all that adjustability within this guy so I don’t get worried about stretching up or anything again it feels very very premium in the hand.

Features and specs of Turtle Beach 700 Gen 2

Now talking about these features and functions on the stealth 700 gen 2 let me tell you what these guys are packing some features on the back left ear cup here you have your volume wheel; you have your well customizable wheel which we’ll talk about in a second; you have your mode button down here, power button, Bluetooth button and then your usb-c charge port. On the front you have your flip down microphone now when I’m talking about a customizable wheel and then also that mode button in Bluetooth you can sync that up to your phone and have your game playing.

A Bluetooth device plane at the same time now looking into this you can actually go into the turtle beach app so you can see they have options on the front page superhuman hearing game presets your eq, you have custom signature sound which is the best turtle beach one. but you can get into a customizable setting and actually adjust your own. This is what brings this headset to life very detailed and very punchy. I’m jumping in the sound but going down as you see we have mic monitoring which is what that other volume wheel is set for there but if we slide swipe a page over and we can see you can program each of those that volume wheel or that mode button to do whatever you want.

You can pick from mic monitoring superhuman volume and then your mode button, superhuman your game presets as far as those eq then your noise gates and stuff and then as far as your tone levels within the headset and then again your settings right there. So again you look at all those features it’s packing some and then as far as using the headset wirelessly you just have a little dongle right and you get up to 20 hours of battery life. 

While walking anywhere I get no lag hiccups or anything now I want to touch on those features and functions again there’s a lot right there right. We mean this guy is packing some serious features compared to the other ones. 

The sound quality 

Let’s go ahead and jump into the sound and talk about those eqs so let’s start with the bass sound right out the box 50mm drivers frequently range from 20 to 22 000. So you get a little

bit more highs in there but right out the box plugging this in playing it you know using that turtle beach stock signature sound. It sounds so good to me personally. I love that signature turtle beach sound, it’s punchy but it’s still detailed the bass isn’t overtaking anything with a very nice immersion. You get involved into the game a little immersed into the game a little bit more with that turtle beach sound some of you guys may not like that it’s definitely not my preferred sound but I do really like this sound so that’s why we went into the eq. We brought out my highs a little bit more so I still had that bass but again my highs kind of just took it over just a pinch more that’s my personal preference as far as sound I really like. 

Even playing a competitive game gets a little more footsteps or whatever but it feels like hearing like the trees rustling. I left the sound of reloads and stuff again personal preference that’s just what we really liked and if you like that try out the eq and adjust it. In my opinion again it sounded fantastic but if you don’t like that again you use the stock one and you get more bass and that’s the great thing about it you can adjust it to your sound. I can sit here and say it sounds like this is this but get into the app and tweak it to what you like just by the flick of a button on your phone whatever device you’re on save it to the headset and you get that sound you want. But no matter which one you have this headset just sounded so nice and detailed we absolutely love the sound on this headset. So we are now using the microphone on the turtle beach stealth 700 gen 2’s, it’s flip up to mute flip down to active and you can actually angle it in a little bit. I really like this microphone. It’s kind of down and out of the way it’s not really in your vision. 

While we’re doing the microphone test I was just using the app and I had the headset set on and I actually closed the app down and I didn’t have mic monitoring set on the app right and I removed the option to adjust it on the wheel, so i stuck with my monitoring on which I don’t like mic monitoring and tried to fire back up the app to get it going but it wouldn’t find it on the app again. This app is a little finicky give it some time don’t give up on it because again it works great when you get it right turn off the headset close down the app turn the headset back on let it pair up to your phone.

So coming in at number 1 and coming in at 150 so stealth 700 gen 2’s I think you guys can pretty much compile everything we just reviewed and see why they took number one and why I put them above a steel series headset at 150 bucks. This headset is seriously packing a punch from that comfort the ear cushions are absolutely a dream come true they are fantastic the only downside I can say about this comfort is 100. A personal preference thing is they sit a little bit tighter on my head. I prefer they’re not uncomfortably unbearably tight but they are a little bit tighter than I like that again personal preference maybe your head’s bigger and they may be really uncomfortable for you know but if your head’s a little bit smaller I think you’re going to be absolutely perfect.

Features and specs. 

Now rolling right into the features and functions and adjustability on this headset wow I mean it blows the other two out of the water again the adjustability on these guys the Bluetooth a feature being able to pair it up and having it on your phone if you have a discord you got music you have phone call whatever it may be you have it right there and then going into the sound out the box having a great sound already. Being able to dive into that app tweak it just a little bit right there and just bring it to a whole another level is just awesome.

Final verdict

At 150 bucks having these features and functions the great build the comfort that’s a rare find and this headset screams a stinking value at 150 bucks. With everything it’s packing highly recommend this headset all right so there we go our top three headsets for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 or your Mac and PC as well because it works on there but again focusing pretty much PlayStation 5 right here these are the three we recommend.

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We have reviewed below three best headsets for best 3d audio wireless headphones for best audio quality experience while gaming on on PS5 Xbox Nintendo, Mac and PC. These are so far the best wireless gaming headset 2021 rated at top on Reddit and other popular platforms. Pulse 3D  Coming in...