Clouds and Sheep Cheats and Tips

Clouds and Sheep is a new simulation game by the top developer mobile game company, HandyGames. It is rated E for everyone and has the overall rating of 4.6 stars out of a total of 5 stars on Google Play Store. Clouds and Sheep has been rated and raved by over 490 thousand plus people and it currently takes 31mb of space to be installed on your device. This game was last updated on February 11, 2015 and if you are a big fan of farming simulation or taking care of pets, then Clouds and Sheep is the perfect new game to be added into your addition! Clouds and Sheep has between 10 million to 50 million installs to date and its current version is 1.9.9! The company behind Clouds and Sheep also included the option to purchase in app products and it costs from as low as $1.24 to as high as $125.82 per item!

While the above are just impressive statistics about Clouds and Sheep, Clouds and Sheep is an impressive simulation game that is a free to play game. In Clouds and Sheep you get to experience high quality graphics while interacting with herds of cute sheep! You also have the option to manipulate and control the clouds and weather in Clouds and Sheep, while also constantly doing more than 90 different dynamic challenges.

The settings are very colorful and in Clouds and Sheep, it is an open ended gameplay that you can start and stop anytime you want. In the in app store for Clouds and Sheep, there are unlimited amount of bonus items for you, toys and gadgets for your cute sheep. Just like in real life, the sheep in Clouds and Sheep will also experience the same seasons and holidays you are! You can experience spring, summer, fall, and winter with your sheep and sleigh ride through the snow, while also trick or treat during Halloween! On your birthday, you can also celebrate by having a huge birthday party with them! Although the sheep in Clouds and Sheep are super cute, they aren’t the very smart kind.

Clouds and Sheep Cheats and Tips

They do not know when to come in when it is super sunny or if it is raining or snowing really hard. Therefore, it is your job to lead them through tough weather situations and have them breed. There are two different colors of sheep you can get: black or white. When you take good care of your sheep, they will give you happy points and a new generation of cute baby sheep.

HandyGames last updated Clouds and Sheep on February 2015. They changed many of the bugs reported such as the Google login behavior, as well as updating the new game icon and fixing the overall game system. Previously there was a glitch and bug related to the google avatar and it made Clouds and Sheep crash during startup, this has been fixed. The sounds in Clouds and Sheep will also get muted by itself, and this has been fixed too.

The mobile game company, HandyGames, is also in charge of developing some of the top mobile games played today. These games include Clouds and Sheep, 1942 Pacific Front, Aces of the Luftwaffe, Guns’n’ Glory WW2m 1941 Frozen Front, Townsmen, and Guns’n’ Glory FREE. All of these games have had over a hundred thousands of people download and try there games out! This is one of the reason why Clouds and Sheep is one of the most popular simulation game on mobile game markets today. Get on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Clouds and Sheep is similar to the many farming simulation games in the mobile game market today. Except in Clouds and Sheep you are taking care of multiple sheep and not one huge farm. You have to make sure they are always healthy and entertained, or else your flock will die. One of the best features in this game is that you can celebrate all the holidays and the seasons with your favorite flock. If you are a fan of simulation games, then this game is perfect for you because you get to raise a whole flock and also raise the next generation of sheep as well! If you have enjoyed Clouds and Sheep, you will be happy to hear that there is a sequel to this game called: Clouds and Sheep 2!

Clouds and Sheep Cheats and Tips

Cheats & Tips for Clouds and Sheep

The only tip I can provide to you for people who are playing or wish to play Clouds and Sheep, is to always turn the notifications on. You might also want to leave your ringer on as well! This is because you will want to know when how and where your flock of sheep are. One wrong move or one minute late in not checking up on your flock of sheep, some will die of poisoning or exposure under the sun for too long.

Therefore, please turn the sound and notifications on for Clouds and Sheep on your phone! If you are a student and are in school, or you are working, you can always put your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb mode! That way, your phone with Clouds and Sheep won’t be a distraction to you and you can work peacefully with it! But while it is on airplane mode, please remember to check on it once in a while! Clouds and Sheep can be run in offline mode, so you do not need to worry about having no internet connection to be able to play Clouds and Sheep.

Clouds and Sheep Cheats and Tips

Clouds and Sheep Review

I love simulation games, ranging from the SIMS series by EA Company or farm simulation games like Meow Meow Star Acres (level 50 plus right now!) I was highly intrigued by Clouds and Sheep because of the simple graphics, and high rating it has received. I really liked how simple the graphics are, it was straight to the point and it was intended to be targeted toward children but they also opened up to young adults and adults!

The flock of sheep are my favorite part of Clouds and Sheep. I loved interacting with my flock and seeing them grow and create a whole new generation of flock of sheep! A second thing I liked about Clouds and Sheep was the ability to manipulate and change the weather. The thing about weather is that too much of anything is never too good for the flock of sheep. They will either get sunburned during spring and summer under long times underneath the sun, or they will get strike by lighting during the rainy weather!

During good, cloudy days, everything seems well but your flock of sheep might eat a poisonous mushroom and die! In Clouds and Sheep, it is similar to being a parent with a new born baby. A new born baby will put everything in their mouth and you need to make sure they don’t and keep them safe and healthy!

The graphics in Clouds and Sheep are so cute. I was super attracted to the simplicity and yet the complexity of the artwork. Everything in this game was so beautifully made. The colors all match with one another and the design of the flock of sheep was really smart choice to make. There are already a lot of simulation games using cats, dogs, fishes, and all the common household animals. However, in Clouds and Sheep, you get to take care of a herd of sheep! Sheep are just as adorable as cats and dogs, but since they need to be raised and taken care of in a farm, many people are not exposed to them unless they are visiting a zoo or the wildlife!

Clouds and Sheep Cheats and Tips


Artwork: The artwork category for Clouds and Sheep receives the overall rating of receives a 10/10. I gave it full score because Clouds and Sheep artwork is very simple but also complex. There is nothing to not like about it, and everyone can relate to this game. If you are a parent and are playing this with your child, your child can even draw replicas of the flock of sheep! It will make a great wall decoration or refrigerator art. The colors chosen in Clouds and Sheep is also a perfect match to the real life environments that a flock of sheep would live in. Sheep does not only come in white color, they come in black as well. When you take good care of them, they will reproduce and give you more flock of sheep. In this game, a young child can learn early about responsibilities and what rewards it will give to them when they take good care of something. The colors in Clouds and Sheep are also vibrant and high quality as well!
Music & SFX: The music and SFX category in Clouds and Sheep receives the overall rating of 10/10. The music and SFX is really calming and soothing to the ears. I feel right at home and I would download the sound pack if HandyGames decide to release it! During each change of weather or environment, the music would also change. This is great because it doesn’t stay monotone. I especially like the cute sound effects, they make me jump at joy each time I do something right or my flock of sheep are making new babies! I can never get tired of hearing the music and SFX in Clouds and Sheep!
Story & Originality: The story and originality category of Clouds and Sheep receives the final rating of 10/10. Although this is a simulation game, Clouds and Sheep did not take the usual route of simulation game with house hold pets such as dogs and cats. This made the game more original and different than many other simulation games in the market. Also due to the special choice of choosing sheep as the simulation animal in Clouds and Sheep, you also get to see a nice change of environment, not in a house or in a park, but in the wild life. Story wise, Clouds and Sheep is an open ended game and this means it doesn’t have just one story line, but multiple. And you can stop anytime you want and restart as well.

Clouds and Sheep Cheats and Tips

General Gameplay: The general gameplay of Clouds and Sheep receives the final rating of 10/10 for this category. I really enjoyed the gameplay in Clouds and Sheep, there was no glitches or bugs. I did note that previously, before the last update, Clouds and Sheep had several major bugs and glitches. However, the company behind Clouds and Sheep was fast to fix them and they repackaged the game all together. I felt that this game company deserves praises because they listened to their consumers and gave them a great game that had little to almost no bugs and glitches because they fixed it!
Addictiveness: The addictiveness factor for Clouds and Sheep receives the final rating of 10/10 for this category. I gave Clouds and Sheep addictiveness factor a full score because of all of the above categories! With the original story line and game plot, the high quality graphics, as well as the general gameplay being on point, there is nothing keeping this game from being a 5 point star game on all mobile game platforms! With the cute flock of sheep that you are raising, you will never get tired of them and you will always learn something new from them every day! For the above reasons I have given Clouds and Sheep’s addictiveness section a full score of 10/10!
The overall rating for Clouds and Sheep is the full score of 10/10! I really enjoyed playing this game due to its overload of adorableness and cuteness! I also like how you can manipulate the weather and advance through the levels of the game. This simulation game is different from many other stereotypical simulation games, and the flock of sheep makes it very enjoyable to play. With almost little to zero bugs and glitches in Clouds and Sheep, you can play this game with ads or buy the premium version without it. AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS CheatsClouds and Sheep Cheats,Clouds and Sheep Cheats Android,Clouds and Sheep Cheats iOS,Clouds and Sheep Tips
Clouds and Sheep is a new simulation game by the top developer mobile game company, HandyGames. It is rated E for everyone and has the overall rating of 4.6 stars out of a total of 5 stars on Google Play Store. Clouds and Sheep has been rated and raved...