Crossy Road Tips, Hints and Cheats

1. Look ahead, not at your character

Focusing on your character means you can’t see what’s coming in front of you. Sometimes I even slightly defocus my eyes so I get a good view of everything in front of me. Getting across one lane of traffic at a time makes for slow movement. And you’ll more than likely get hit before you get very far. Instead, think at least 3 steps ahead.

2. Tap behind your character, not in front or too far to either side

While everyone has to find a way to play that’s comfortable for them, make sure that you’re tapping the screen behind your character in a way that doesn’t obscure your view. Not only that, if you tap too far to one side or the other, the game may register it as a side swipe instead. I typically try and tap directly below and towards the bottom of the screen. This ensures that I don’t obscure my view and that taps aren’t recognized as side steps.

Crossy Road Tips, Hints and Cheats

3. Don’t be afraid to backtrack

Sometimes you back yourself into a corner or realize that you don’t have enough time to cross. Crossy Road allows you to backtrack and turn around. Whether you’re stuck around the side of a hedge or you realize after stepping into traffic that you don’t have time to cross, just turn around and wait for a better opportunity. Swiping sideways to outrun a truck or a train rarely ever works. Just backtrack instead.

4. Side swipe to save some time with slower lanes of traffic

Sometimes a lane of traffic moves slower than others and you find yourself wasting time waiting on it. Before the hawk comes into view and swoops you up, side swipe the opposite direction of that particular lane so you can cross quicker. This works for slow logs coming down the river as well.

Crossy Road Tips, Hints and Cheats

5. Jump as close to the back of cars and trucks as you can

When you start to cross lanes of traffic, jump immediately after the cars pass. This ensures you have the most time between cars to get to the next lane. Essentially, you want to hug as close to the bumpers of passing cars as you can. That way if you need to turn around or make a split decision, you have more time to do so.

6. Don’t get fixated on coins

Coins allow you to buy new characters in-game to play with. Other than that, they don’t serve much purpose. Not only that, you can always watch short trailers in order to collect coins. Getting fixated on collecting coins is a bad move and normally ends up in disaster. Instead, concentrate on the road in front of you and only go for coins that are attainable easily or in your direct path at the time.

7. Don’t miss opportunities for sprints

There are many instances in Crossy Road where you can sprint across many lanes of traffic at a time. This is the easiest way to get to a high score faster. Recognizing these opportunities is key and goes along with my very first tip. Instead of concentrating on what’s directly in front of you, look at the entire game play area. When you see an opening in a freeway, tap like crazy. Just be careful that you don’t overshoot and end up in oncoming traffic on the other side.

Crossy Road Tips, Hints and Cheats

8. Don’t enter a river too close to either side

Pay attention to how the rivers flow and where you see a white water break on each side. If your character passes this white break on either side, game over. I try and stay towards the center of the gameplay area whenever crossing a river just to be safe. If you have to cross towards a side, watch for patterns and hop across as quickly as possible. And again, don’t be afraid to go backwards if there’s no viable route immediately in front of you.

9. Look for patterns when crossing sections

Almost 100% of the time, each section of traffic and each river follows a specific pattern. While taking my first tip into consideration, you’ll have to use a little brain power to predict patterns. Watch the way traffic flows, how fast each lane is moving, and what direction things are coming from. Our brains can process data pretty quickly and once you start looking ahead, you’ll realize that you can predict where to move better than you thought you could. The hardest thing is just training yourself to not get focused on what’s immediately in front of you.

10. There’s no need to spend real money

Crossy Road offers up free gifts regularly and you can collect coins during gameplay. Sure can pay 99 cents a pop to get characters faster, but if you wait you’ll often have even more fun earning them in-game. So, if you’re short on money or just enjoy the challenge, a little patience can save you some cash.
Of course, Crossy Road is a great game and free up-front, so giving the developers 99 cents every once and a while is a great way to show your support and help make sure they keep working on, and improving, the game. AddictCheatsiOS CheatsCrossy Road Cheats,Crossy Road Cheats iOS,Crossy Road Hints,Crossy Road Tips
1. Look ahead, not at your character Focusing on your character means you can't see what's coming in front of you. Sometimes I even slightly defocus my eyes so I get a good view of everything in front of me. Getting across one lane of traffic at a time makes...