Deadwalk: The Last War Tips and Tricks

Few zombie-themed games are as immersive and engaging as Deadwalk: The Last War. It puts you in a post-apocalyptic world where you will need to survive hordes of zombies and keep your city safe from an invasion.

The game combines city-building with tactical elements. Battles are turn-based affairs, consisting of several waves of zombies. The visuals are just mind-blowing and reminiscent of graphic novels.

Deadwalk: The Last War is quite generous with its player reward system. However, managing resources, troop management and leadership play a big role and will decide who the ultimate survivor is. Read on to find out some essential tips and tricks to survive the zombie apocalypse.

1. Use Talent Points to Increase Marching Speed

Faster marching speeds ensure your army invades enemy players/resource tiles and comes back home quicker. You can increase marching speed by a certain percentage by allocating talent points to the “Rapid March” talent. You can earn talent points soon after your champion levels up. The best way to level up your champion is to battle more zombies in “Explore” mode.

To distribute talent points, go to your City and tap on your Champion’s profile pic located at the top-left corner of the screen. Next, tap on “Details” and go to the Talent tab. Tap on the first talent (Rapid March) and the press “upgrade”. Make sure you have enough points to upgrade it.

Deadwalk: The Last War Tips and Tricks

2. Prefer Manual Deploy Instead of Auto Deploy

While auto deploy is a good way to get the best units on the frontline, I prefer to deploy my soldiers without AI’s help. Manually selecting troops has its own benefits. You have total control on the selection procedure. You will decide which battalion of soldiers will lead and who will back up. I deploy all Strikers on the front row and back row slots. The remaining slots are filled with Militia. I also get to choose the number of soldiers I can deploy with the help of a slider.

If you want to manually deploy soldiers, go to Explore > Select Troops and tap on your champion. Next, tap on “Deploy” in each slot and choose the soldier type. You may choose the number of soldiers using the slider. Drag the slider to the plus sign to select all soldiers that a particular slot can accommodate (recommended).

Have your strongest and the best units on the front row. You may even have them on the back row for a strong back up. Choose the strongest troops on your front row and the stronger troops at the back row.

3. Always Heal Your Units after Each Battle

Never attack another zombie group if you have lost a few soldiers. The next zombie champion may have a stronger line of attack and defense than the previous one. Heal all troops even if you have lost a few soldiers in each troop. Next, go back to your base. Tap on barracks > Heal tab. Tap on the “Queue Max” button if you want to heal all of your trained soldiers. Finally tap on “Heal”.

You may have to select troops once again soon after healing all soldiers. You can “Refill soldiers”, but I prefer starting from scratch. I delete the current troop layout by tapping on the X button and manually deploy all troops again.

4. How to Get More Soldiers in Battle

You will need more soldiers in battle, especially when the enemies are tougher and more in number. To add more soldiers to each slot, raise your champion’s Leadership.

Tap on your champion’s profile and tap on the big green plus button besides “Leadership”. Increasing leadership will free up extra space on each slot, and you will be able to add more soldiers to it.

You will need smart chips to increase leadership, but sometimes there’s a “free add” option that may increase your champion’s leadership by 2 points. You can receive smart chips via rewards or by exploring chapters.

Deadwalk: The Last War Tips and Tricks

5. Upgrade the Signal Station to Receive Time Helps Faster

One of the key benefits of joining a league is that it lets you receive “Time Help” from players. Whether you want to upgrade the city hall/headquarters faster or train soldiers, just holler random players by pressing the “Ask for Help” button to get the upgrade, training and construction work done quickly.

To receive more help, upgrade the Signal Station building. Upgrading this building not only increases the time help chances, but also boosts resource assist capacity.

6. Tips to Earn Coins

Deadwalk: The Last War offers several ways to earn coins (premium currency) for free. Here are some ways to get them without paying a dime:

Connect your game to your Facebook account to earn 100 coins.

You will get 100 more when you attack enemy players and battle 1 time (tap on Quest to find out such simple tasks)

You get coins as gifts from developers. Some rewards will be given on special occasions (example: Father’s Day). Go to your mailbox and claim them before they expire.

Complete individual events to earn coins. Tap on the star button to access individual and league events. Participating in individual league events is easy and you will need to complete simple tasks like killing each soldier type to earn points, which can then be exchanged with special rewards.

Look for daily login and monthly login rewards. Tap on the finger print icon to access them.

Deadwalk: The Last War Tips and Tricks

7. Split a Skill Book into Leafs to Craft a Cheaper Skill Book

By “Cheaper” I mean a new skill book that requires fewer skill points than the older one. Some skill books earned as rewards require more than a 100 skill points, whereas there are several powerful books that can be learned with less than 50 points. You will need to craft such books and to do this you must sacrifice those books that require too many skill points.

To split a skill book, go to your commander’s profile, tap on Details > Skills tab and press “Skill Books” button below. Tap on Split to tear it into multiple pages.

Next, go to “Craft Mode” and check the page requirements below a new skill book that you want to craft. If the number of pages is available with you, the page requirement will be shown in green. Tap on “Details” beside the skill name and press the “Craft” button to create a new skill book. Most level 1 skill books require very few skill points.

8. Invade Lower Level Players and Bookmark Their City Co-Ordinates

The chances of earning loot without losing are more if you invade a player whose city level is lower than yours. Tap on “Map” and scan it to hunt for lower-level cities. Once you have located a city, tap on it. Before pressing the attack button, tap on the “Bookmark” button to save its co-ordinates. You can come back later for another invasion. Don’t be too late with your second or third invasion.

Bookmarks expire within a day or two, so make sure you attack the bookmarked city multiple times on the same day. Never spend your hard-earned cash to scout an enemy’s city.

9. Rename Your Player Name to Get Faster Time Helps

Make sure you rename your player name. Tap on your old city name at the top-left corner of the screen to access info and stats. Press the feather icon beside your player name to enter a new name. If you rename your player and then help another player upgrade his building via Time Help, the player might return the favor and help you first as your name will be unique than others .

10. Train Advanced Soldiers

As you progress, your battalion will encounter stronger zombies. You will need to unlock and train advanced soldiers to get rid of them. Make sure you upgrade your barracks at regular intervals to train specialists like Strikers, Guardians and Commandos. They can eliminate zombies in one single burst of fire.

Before upgrading barracks, you may have to upgrade other buildings first. For example: To upgrade barracks to level 6, you will need to level up the refugee camp, headquarters, city wall and fuel refinery. Be quick in your barracks upgrades because you will need plenty of advanced troops to defend your territory against enemy players and AI enemies.

Deadwalk: The Last War Tips and Tricks

11. Upgrade All Resource Buildings to Increase Resource Production and Storage

Upgrade Farm, Fuel refinery, refugee camp, waterworks and Metal Recycling to increase resource produce per hour and storage capacity. You will desperately need these resources for almost everything, be it upgrading special buildings, headquarters, city walls, training soldiers as well as healing them.

You can also build more than one resource building. Build at least 2 farms, 2 fuel refinery, 2 refugee camps, 2 waterworks and 2 metal recycling. This way you get 2X resources. Just make sure you upgrade both resource buildings to boost production and increase capacity.

12. Have At Least 2 Champions

In Deadwalk, you must have at least two champions – one for defending your city and other for exploring chapters. If you have only one champion, then you will be able to use it either for defending your city, invading other player’s cities/resource tiles or exploring chapters. Having 3 champions is enough to get everything covered. To unlock a champion slot, you must level-up your Clone Lab first.

Make sure you train more soldiers to keep a proper balance between defense and offense. Half of the soldiers you own should go to your champion who has tasked to defend your city and the other half to the second champion. To defend your city, tap on City Wall and then tap to set Defense Troops.

Build a Clone lab to create champions. You will need coins to create one. Make sure you save them for such tasks. Don’t spend those precious coins on upgrades or other simple tasks.

In a Clone Lab, a normal clone can provide C to A class champions. However an advanced clone will provide you a choice of 3 champions with one guaranteed class “A” champion. Normal clone is cheaper than advanced clone and you should go for it soon after you have accumulated at least 699 coins. You can even exchange DNA strands for a new champion. You can earn DNA strands from monthly login rewards. AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS CheatsDeadwalk The Last War Cheats,Deadwalk The Last War Cheats Android,Deadwalk The Last War Cheats iOS,Deadwalk The Last War Tips,Deadwalk The Last War Tricks
Few zombie-themed games are as immersive and engaging as Deadwalk: The Last War. It puts you in a post-apocalyptic world where you will need to survive hordes of zombies and keep your city safe from an invasion. The game combines city-building with tactical elements. Battles are turn-based affairs, consisting of...