fortnite creative codes 2020

Creative Mode of Fortnite is changing with every season. From brick to dollar having been dragged to the edge of global meltdown we need to turn our minds to Fortnite for making blocky models of the Millenium Falcon for absolutely zero cost.
When it comes to Fortnite Creative it is not like any other Minecraft spin off at any level of the game. And there are not any Mega Blocks involved here mindlessly to waste your time for. There are new biomes, skycrappers, creative tools and great creative codes to get through that have been getting released after every few days.

There are so many creative creators who have revolutionized Fortnite Creative Mode by letting the players share the game and details with other players. We all know that we need creative codes to get through and reach other islands. Keeping that in mind we have went through extensive search to gather fine collection of new creative stuff to keep you motivated with referencing.

If you have not figured out yet how to load an Island, or enter into Fortnite Creative Mode or even walk though to get to a featured rift or even hold down to use keys for bringing up the codes just get in allow the island to load and walk into the rift to begin.

Check these latest creative codes to enjoy the best of Fornite Creative Mode.

Dead by Fortlight – 8099-5981-3796
Dust 2 – 1068-0274-9341
Fury Racing: Snowy Summit – 1731-2660-6859
Snipers vs. Runners – 7352-4203-8482
Warm-up Course – 5618-2963-5299

Dead by Fortlight

Code: 8099-5981-3796

This code is for horror genre of the game Dead by Daylight where the monsters keep chasing the teens who are trying to escape. The surviving teens take to the corns to hide while the killer with infinity blade keep destroying generators.


Code: 8783-3118-9206

This amazing code for Tic-Tac-Toe has the capability to detect even a win. Use it you gonna love it.

Compact Combat – Season 1

Code: 0553-7157-6638

One of the very genuine Fortnite maps though it is very small. Compact Combat is a tiny take on P_recs that initiated it all. There are conspicuous details that will be very helpful and of course a fun map if you love deathmatch maps.

Hooshen’s Hoo Baller Pinball Island

fortnite creative codes 2020-2

Code: 4573-9507-5308

Ballers are always considered some kind of controversial to begin with for playing the regular Fortnite but they are fun playing. Hilarious at times, the bouncy pinball course is all you need to have a blast in the game.

Jesgran’s Deathrun

fortnite creative codes 2020

Jesgran has revolutionized season 8 jungle theme with this build up to locate the treasure in the jungle. Where you have landed in a jungle temple and have to get through it by conquering death traps.

Scizzors Death Run 3.0

fortnite new maps 2020-1

Code: 6245-9996-8091

This  map by Cizzors will sure test your sanity as it has been created with mastered tools and yes this is one of the impossible maps to get to the end of it.

Raft Wars

Code: 9026-2925-8175

This map is just like Fortnite Meets Sea of Thieves in the most relatable way, if you are new to Fortnite Season 8 this map is about naval warfare in general where you have to use pirate cannons.

Modern Warfare 2 Terminal – xlp620

latest fortnite creative codes 2020

Code: 6412-7533-9638

One of the highly classy FPS maps remastered in Fortnite universe with Noob tubes as options.

Pro Skater – Warehouse By Tony Hawk

Code: 1654-0324-7788

This was very needful and yes driftboard is not that easy to control being a PS1-era smart skateboard. There is much more airtime for obvious reasons that you will get it with it.

Fury Racing – Snowy Summit

Code: 1731-2660-6859

The tough terrains and bumpy roads always try gamer’s wit. If you go slow and steady you gonna win it big time or else keep trying.

Seven Game Combo

Code: 2900-4196-3823

This is possibly the best map ever. The playgrounds it features include seven different games such as ATK sumo, Duck Hunt where your friends are ducks, grapple arena. This is very suitable recommendation for friends who want to mess around in squad games.

Storm Runners

storm runners new map

Code: 3632-0591-6558

Beware, while playing this map a storm gonna keep chasing you by the end of it you will become a tricky parkour king who has surpassed a great challenge. Storm Runner is definitely your take if you want to see how much pressure you can handle.

Skyscraper Escape

latest fortnite maps 2020

Code: 5350-4663-4208

Get ready to keep descending floor to floor while taking parkour challenges and puzzles at the same time. You will enjoy it thoroughly if you like such games.

Portal And Parkoursamazing fortnite maps 2020

Code: 8883-7894-7324

A very wild Fortnite creative map with 10 exclusive stages created to portray to impact of moving through several portals a la the classic videogame portal. The creators IdiotsPlayGames have created even a model of GlaDOS off Fortnite creative tools. This is a complete great parkour map with space that you have been through before.

Crab Rave

Code: 8552-3258-2013

The addition of great music to blocks in Creative Mode has absolutely nailed it in this version by Roeloffsyt’s Crab Rave is a very unique gem and one of the early music stages.

Giant Ice Dragon

ice dragon fortnite 2020

Code: 4351-4005-8292

It has been created as a Block Party submission, PrudizCreations’ Giant Ice Dragon is a great example of how you can use simple Fortnite creative tools in ways that will inspire you. It’s an awesome sculpture.

Escape the Dream – QJAG

Code: 5496-4876-0626

With using black tiles cleverly an intricate map maze has been created. No doubt. Some challenges can frustrate you at times with amazing visuals to make a great use of it.

Lordly Labyrinth – Jespergran

Code: 1991-9282-9857

A very deep, dense, and meticulous maze created solely for The Block that works excellent as a milestonic hide-and-seek backdrop.

Noblebatterfly’s Tiny Towers parkour challenge

Code: 9674-8089-7319

You must reach to llama at the top of the buildings while hopping around on tilted towers without actually climbing buildings or using gliders. If you can do it that easy you are the master of it. It is not as easy as it sounds.

IdiotsPlayGames’ Snipers vs. Runners

snippers hacks fortnite creative

Code: 7352-4203-8482

One of the novel takes on Fortnite creatives where player A has to get to a point where the player B has to snipe at him or several others. If you like snipping this one is definitely for you.

Mystic Islands – CCruzFight

mystic island fortnite 2020

Code: 6609-4915-0804

Eye candy and a great deathmatch map for snipers, Mystic Islands are a proof of concept by CCruzFight. By making use of some prop variables, they were able to flip a rock upside down and create floating islands.

Battle Bus Hide & Seek – LordSpinkingham

Code: 9653-5199-9021

Want to play hide-and-seek Fortnite version just choose Battle Bus.

Warm-up Course – Candook

Code: 5618-2963-5299

If you have to score easy wins with practicing complex edits, builds and shots this one is definitely for you.

Looming Llama – St0rmh4wk


It will give you a similar feel of Wild Wild West that took place around a gigantic mechanical spider however it is mechanical too but a llama this time.

A badass bridge – Tollmolia

Code: 9795-3537-9919

It is far relevant to cool bridge department than a deathmatch with possible details of Fortnite building tools.

Green screen – Josherzzz

Code: 1523-9832-0089

If you have to make complex machinima or memes just use this amazing map.

Nuketown Remastered

Code: 2012-6281-8095

Even if you have not played Call of Duty much you’d still love Nuketown it has been remastered in Fortnite version of that which will definitely be a great take.

The Cube By Ferrinheight

Code: 7512-6248-2736

An absolutely crazy death trap map, a maze built to definitely torment it is CUBE actually.

Explorer – Snekiecr8

Code: 6224-0839-9043

One of the very surrealistic maps you would ever see in the Fortnite kingdom which is neat disorienting and great platform challenges.

Dust 2 – By VariousPurple

Code: 1068-0274-9341

Just land on the island and enjoy the the classic CS map in Fortnite. In the creative hub, interact with a featured map and then change the code in that menu. The chests actually contain the ammo and they can be opened once you start a game. MonsterCheatsNewsfortnite creative codes,fortnite new maps 202
Creative Mode of Fortnite is changing with every season. From brick to dollar having been dragged to the edge of global meltdown we need to turn our minds to Fortnite for making blocky models of the Millenium Falcon for absolutely zero cost. When it comes to Fortnite Creative it is...