Fruit Attacks Tricks and Cheats

1. Make Your Hookshot Double Back to Hit Enemies Twice

The Fruit Attack hookshot allows you to bend your shots like Beckham by sliding your thumbs around in the control area to change where the curve points appear. But you can do more than just make your shots take a right turn to mow down a horizontal line of Applians. For sturdier fruit attackers like GMO Applians, move your thumbs together to make your hookshot fly in a straight line up and then double back on itself. You’ll hit enemies on the way up and then again on the way back down, dealing double damage to help you take out tough-skinned fruit.

2. Destroy Fruit Attackers Near the Earth Shield to Yield a “Danger Bonus”

Any Tom, Dick, or DJ can shoot attackers high in the sky, but it takes nerves of steel to hold your attacks until enemies are literally right on top of you. If you wait until enemies get close to the shield before releasing your hookshot, however, you’ll score extra points for living life dangerously. Shoot when exclamation points appear over the heads of attacking enemies – the Fruit Attacks equivalent of “seeing the whites of their eyes” – to score a danger bonus. Be careful. If you wait too long, your shields will take a hit!

Fruit Attacks Tricks and Cheats

3. Use Your SATI’s Vibro Skill to Clear Masses of Enemies

Each SATI, the hero you control to combat alien fruit, has a vibro skill that charges up continually throughout the stage. To use the vibro skill, simply shake your device after it charges up. Some vibro skills, like Dolbi’s Wail of Fate or Freezey’s Blizzard, can slow down and damage multiple enemies at once. Others, like Woofy’s Sonic Sphere, deal massive damage to multiple enemies. Vibro skills are perfect when you’re getting overrun because they can clear the skies overhead and/or slow down attackers so you can take a breather. To get larger effects, let the charge meter fill up several times before setting off the vibro skill.

4. Add Mini-SATIs to Increase Your Damage and Help You Control Waves

Mini-SATIs are pet-like helpers you can collect and use to increase your damage and add special effects to your hookshots. Mini-SATIs come in four different flavors—fauna, fire, ice, and electricity—and each type adds a different effect during play. For example, fauna mini-SATIs drop large rocks over fruit attackers on fully-charged shots while ice mini-SATIs can freeze tough enemies. Fire mini-SATIs add a burn condition on regular shots and make your fully-charged shots explode at the end. Time mini-SATI effects well to clear large swaths of enemies or combine two mini-SATI effects for even bigger effects! For example, use fire and ice to freeze enemies in place and watch them burn.

Fruit Attacks Tricks and Cheats

5. Changing SATIs Can Help You Defeat Certain Stages

Each SATI has an innate ability that can provide distinct advantages in certain circumstances. For example, Riff’s shots are faster, making this SATI perfect for stages filled with fast-moving enemies. Woofy deals double damage to bosses, so should be your go-to SATI for boss fights. Some stages force you to fight from the deck of a moving ship. Freezey can chill the sea to keep the ship steady. And if you want to farm golden seeds to purchase upgrades, try replaying stages using Bling and earn 50 percent more golden seeds.

6. Line Up Shots to Destroy Mandarians Before They Turn

Mandarian waves spawn from black holes in the sky and form long lines of enemies that move across the screen from the spawn point. The best way to handle Mandarians is to line up a hookshot that bends at the spawn point and flies across the line of Mandarians, mowing them all down before they reach the other side of the screen and turn. Mandarian movements are much more predictable before they turn. After that, they descend and move diagonally across the screen, making it much more difficult to hit the entire line in a single shot.

7. Destroy Pineapplians Immediately!

Pineapplian groups appear in vertical lines in the sky. They remain stationary for a brief moment after they appear, but then move quickly and erratically back and forth, maintaining their vertical formation, before they swoop toward the shield without warning. Your best chance to destroy a group of Pineapplians with a single shot is to hit them immediately after they appear and before they start moving. Failing that, hope you have a vibro skill charged up and ready to fire or…a revive orb handy after they rip through your shield.

Fruit Attacks Tricks and Cheats

8. Hit Strawberrian Runners With a Corner Shot When They Slow Down to Turn

Strawberrians spawn in clusters of three enemies and move very quickly across the screen. The best way to take out a bunch of Strawberrians is to time your hookshot to bend around the corner of the screen right as the runners reach the edge. The Strawberrians slow down slightly as they make their turn so are easier to hit in the corner. The curving hookshot has a better chance of sweeping through the tight grouping and destroying the entire bunch when the shot loops around the corner.

9. Shoot Watermelians From The Side or Rear to Increase Damage

Watermelians have thick shields that almost completely protect them from frontal damage as they descend toward the Earth shield. To avoid the Watermelian’s shields and dramatically increase your damage, curve your hookshots so they hit Watermelians from the side or from directly above them. Drop a fauna mini-SATI’s Heavy Metal from a fully-charged shot for an additional way to avoid Watermelian shields and deal a lot of damage to these thick-skinned enemies.

10. Release Shots a Split-Second Before Fruit Waves Finish Materializing

Many fruit attackers – most notably the Applians – appear as silhouettes for a short time before they become targetable. To stay ahead of these waves, charge up your hookshot while enemies still appear as silhouettes and then release the shot just before they become targetable so it flies through them before they begin moving. This gives you stronger shots, more precise aiming, and time to start charging and aiming another shot before the next wave emerges from the shadows. AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS CheatsFruit Attacks Cheats,Fruit Attacks Cheats Android,Fruit Attacks Cheats iOS,Fruit Attacks Tricks
1. Make Your Hookshot Double Back to Hit Enemies Twice The Fruit Attack hookshot allows you to bend your shots like Beckham by sliding your thumbs around in the control area to change where the curve points appear. But you can do more than just make your shots take a...