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Developed by GA+ in cooperation with Zinoki Limited, Galaxy Voyage is a science fiction social strategy game which places you in a PvP space war in search for galactic domination. This is a military strategy game where you try to develop your planet which acts as the home base, your planet is also where your troops and your weapons are housed. The other aspect of Galaxy Voyage is combat, fight off others who are attempting to destroy your planet and steal its resources in 2016.

Galaxy Voyage is available on iOS and Android devices. If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch than you must have at least iOS 6.0 installed. If you’re using an Android device, then you must have Android 2.0 or later installed for 2016. Galaxy Voyage is free to download but it does offer in app purchases ranging from $4.99 to $99.99, this buys you some of the in game currency or in game content like ships, upgrades, and special perks to speed up the construction process. You will need a stable internet connection for most of the gameplay on Galaxy Voyage.

It seems the people who download Galaxy Voyage like it, even though there doesn’t seem to be that many people playing it. On the iTunes App Store, Galaxy Voyage was rated 4.0 out of 5 stars by only 31 people. On the Google Play Store, it’s been downloaded between 10,000 and 50,000 times and it is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. It makes sense that the number are so low considering this is a paid app and they and to get less downloads, still, Galaxy Voyage has been around for over 3 years, more than enough time to break the 50k mark. Galaxy Voyage is rated as appropriate for users aged 10 and over due to fantasy violence and blood.

Galaxy Voyage Cheats

Cheats & Tips for Galaxy Voyage

Galaxy Voyage is quite complex in its controls so it will take some getting used to, that is why it is of utmost importance to complete the tutorial and to pay close attention throughout. Also, by going through the training mode you gain money.

When you first download Galaxy Voyage you’re given the option whether you want to play alone or join an alliance. Although many things are the same when you’re playing as a guest there are many perks to signing up, for starters you get free speedup which is help form your allies to reduce the time for many tasks. Joining also gets you free gifts from allies when they purchase items, this will save you a lot of money in the long run. Also you get 100 Kredits for joining an alliance, Kredits are the premium in game currency.

Also you get access to the alliance shop, the alliance shop has exclusive items that are only available to registered users, also, you get to fight in alliances as part of a rally in a team as opposed to alone. Choosing an alliance is important so make sure to choose one that fits you and your game style the best, Alliances are split based on level, experience, and country. Its best to choose an alliance from your country, that way you understand the people on your team, also you may have things in common. If not at least choose a country in your language group.

There are many ways to earn free rewards. Exploring new planets gets you points as well as rewards. You can claim online rewards by staying online during special event period, for example for staying online during the Christmas special event period you get one free Quantum Hourglass.

Your battle level is your rank in Galaxy Voyage, you start off as a recruit and then work your way up. Upgrade your battle level by winning battles, at the end of the season based on how well you do you will get battle points, these points can be exchanged for items. At the end of a season your battle level is reset but your battle points remain up to the storage points, once you reach the maximum storage you can no longer accumulate battle points so spend them while you can on upgrades. This is a great way Galaxy Voyage can keep the game fair so newbies aren’t at too much of a disadvantage but it’s also a poor disincentive for people who’ve been playing the game for a long time.

Galaxy Voyage Cheats

Your home planet is very important to your operations. The main buildings in your home planet are the command center, the alliance center, the radar, the annihilation plant, the flagship center, the repair shop, the shipyard, the planet fortification station, and the metal mine. The command center is the most important building as it manages the development of the entire planet, the level of all other buildings cannot exceed the level of the command center, therefore it must be your first priority for upgrading.

The Alliance center when upgraded gets you more assistance from your allies, it also allows you to transport more resources and garrison more fleets. Make sure to upgrade your alliance center before battle to ensure you get the adequate amount of assistance from your allies. The radar alerts you to attacks to your planet, upgrading the radar lets you receive alerts faster. The annihilation plant is the main energy source for the entire planet, once upgraded it can hold more energy. The flagship center manufactures flagships and the repair shop repairs ships after battle, upgrade these two to get your fleet ready for battle in the quickest time possible.

To unlock more ships, you have to upgrade your shipyard, to increase your planets defense upgrade the planet fortification. To earn some extra perks, upgrade your metal mine, the mine gathers metal resources and produces more metal. Each system serves a critical part in the entire planet, you can choose to make one area better than rest but this will be at the expense of the others, some people just upgrade everything in rotation to maintain a balanced planetary system. Starting out I’d say it’s best to try and upgrade all of your systems in rotation just so you are at least “ok” all around, then, based on how your game style is, adjust your planet to specialize in being great in a specific field.

There are many game modes in Galaxy Voyage. Starting off there are quests, quests can be planet quests, daily quests, alliance quests, or VIP quests. Once you’ve finished a quest make sure to go back to the quests menu to claim your reward, usually it’s a stats boost but sometimes you may be surprised with other rewards based on the planet. Daily quests have a 24h time limit to complete and the refresh quite often. Alliance quests also have limited time frames.

VIP quests require a VIP membership, there are various perks to having a VIP membership. For example, you get a VIP symbol above your name so everyone knows you’re a VIP, you also get space mining auto return, exclusive items and discounts, and exclusive customer service, also a bunch of various increases to stats and skills.

There are 16 different galaxies and each galaxy has its own set of planets that can be explored. This means there are hundreds of levels to explore and conquer. Besides exploration there are also activities, these are daily activities, legendary flagship blueprints, galaxy supply activities, VIP activities, and Kredit consumption events. These are mostly just achievements that once completed will give you a bonus. Also, Galaxy Voyage has plenty of seasonal events and perks, as well as discounts that correspond to holidays and events.

Combat can be confusing at first but after doing the tutorial you should have a hang of it. On the bottom of the screen there are your ships and at the top is the enemy. Organize your formation beforehand to align with your overall strategy, you can put strong ones on the left or right, or in the middle, or you can balance it out. Make sure to have everything on the home based squared away such as repairs, upgrades, etc., before you enter combat because there’s no way to do so once you’re fighting.

Galaxy Voyage Cheats

Galaxy Voyage Review

Galaxy Voyage was a very intricate and detailed game; it’s clear the developers didn’t overlook any aspects. I enjoyed the castle defense aspects of Galaxy Voyage more than the actual combat. It seemed like it was advertised more as an action game when in fact it’s almost completely a strategy game.

The story was intricate and there seemed to be a lot going on but unfortunately there weren’t that many people playing on multiplayer at any one time, perhaps under 100, so the social aspect was a bit lacking.


Art 9/10

Audio/ SFX 7/10

General gameplay 7/10

Addictiveness 7.5/10

Originality/ Creativity 6/10

Overall 7.3/10 AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS CheatsGalaxy Voyage Cheats,Galaxy Voyage Cheats Android,Galaxy Voyage Cheats iOS,Galaxy Voyage Tips
Developed by GA+ in cooperation with Zinoki Limited, Galaxy Voyage is a science fiction social strategy game which places you in a PvP space war in search for galactic domination. This is a military strategy game where you try to develop your planet which acts as the home base,...