Gun Bros 2 Tips and Tricks

Years ago the Tyrannical Oppressors Of Life (T.O.O.L.) has entered the galaxy and started a war with humanity, in which we destroyed their armies. Now they are back, and only the Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Galactic Enforcement Division (F.R.A.G.G.E.D.) agents Francis and Percy Gun can stop them! Take control of one of the agents and lend the other to a friend, then go out there and end the invasion once and for all!

Gun Bros 2 is a single and multiplayer twin-stick shooter by the top developer Glu. Glu is the owner of countless popular titles and game series, such as Deer Hunter, Contract Killer, Frontline Commando, Diner Dash and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Ratings wise Gun Bros 2 has 4.5/5 stars on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Does this second installment of Gun Bros live up to its highly successful predecessor? It’s our duty to figure that out, so read on!

Gun Bros 2 Tips and Tricks

About Gun Bros 2

As most twin-stick shooters, Gun Bros 2 also focuses heavily on armed combat, instead of wasting time delving deep into a storyline. After a short introduction video, showing off the two main characters and their goals as alien exterminators, you immediately find yourself in battle.

The gameplay is simple enough that even people new to these type of games can learn it in a few minutes. You move your bro agent by the stick on the left and shoot in the held direction of the stick on the right side of the screen. You also have special buttons for the many weapon mod abilities, and to swap between two weapons, but the overall controls are limited to these functions.

The game features three types of game modes to choose from: Missions, Endless and Group Play. Missions are increasingly difficult singleplayer maps, where you have to completely destroy multiple waves of T.O.O.L., aka the aliens, with the help of a computer controlled bro. There are 8 maps with vastly different designs to fight your way through, expanded over 39 levels. Completing waves on any of these maps rewards players with loot caches, which can be opened after a successful mission.

Endless mode in Gun Bros 2 is a little different, even though you have to fight hordes of enemies in this mode as well. The difference lies in the fact that your goal is to survive and get as high of a score as possible, while you don’t get loot caches for this mode either. If you survive long enough, the mode even gives you a chance to use a powerful tank to mow down your foes! If you are bored of the singleplayer though, you can also fight together with a friend in this mode, if you both are connected to any of the social medias offered by the game. Endless maps are unlocked after you fully complete the same maps on Missions.

Group Play on the other hand is similar to Missions, but you are meant to play it together with a friend. After both of you login to Facebook, you will be able to invite your friend to play with you, as well as create or join the same Brotherhood. Brotherhoods are a good way to keep track of your friends and see when they are available. You might also use the character of friends from your Brotherhood in singleplayer Missions.

Whichever game mode you choose in Gun Bros 2, you will find yourself facing increasingly powerful enemy types, as well as bosses. At first you will only meet weak alien soldiers, who die in a few shots from most guns, but as you advance, you will have to face barriered soldiers, who can’t be killed without a barrier piercing weapon. Then as you destroy a good chunk of the T.O.O.L. armies, they will even send in Bosses, such as the Pus Titan, Maullusk and The Broliminator.

Gun Bros 2 Tips and Tricks

Now, advancing through Missions would not be exciting enough, if there were no real rewards to look forward to. Thankfully the game has a great amount of rewards in the form of loot caches, as mentioned before. These caches can include new armor pieces, weapon mods, experience, glu credits and xplodium.

Surprisingly enough, Gun Bros 2 doesn’t allow a way to purchase armor, so one of the best outcomes from loot caches are the armor pieces. You can find helmets, chest armor and pants in varying qualities, either adding health or speed bonuses when equipped. Weapon mods on the other hand provide you with special abilities, once they are attached to a gun of your choice. These can be anything like an enemy seeking mine, a solar ray, personal shield or a holographic decoy.

As for experience points, they are obviously required to level up your bro. Each level adds some extra health and speed, to make future encounters easier, as well as rewards you with some glu credits. The currencies of glu credits and xplodium are the last two rewards from the caches, which can be used in the Black Market to purchase yourself new weapons.

The Black Market is no doubt the most important place to go to for any bro, as that is where you will find all available weapons for purchase. Most generally useful weapons cost glu credits, such as the Fire Drake flamethrower or The Skull Krakr shotgun with exploding shells, while the more impressive ones can be bought in exchange for xplodium. These include The Mauler, a lava shooting minigun, and the Li’L Sparky plasma gun that melts most matter on contact.

Gun Bros 2 also allows its players to purchase both glu credits and xplodium with real money, if they wish to. The prices start from $3.99 for 100 glu credits or 5000 xplodium, and they end with $79.99 for 3200 glu credits or 160,000 xplodium. Fortunately there are sponsored apps to be downloaded for free glu credits as well, although there is no alternative for xplodium.

The game includes some random pop-in ads in the menus and after each completed level, so keep that in mind. These can only be quit after 5 seconds, and there is no in-app purchase to disable them.

Cheats & Tips for Gun Bros 2

As tradition in most twin-stick shooters, Gun Bros 2 gets more and more challenging as you reach later missions. For this reason the game includes some cheats for its players. Let me tell you about these cheats and tips, as well as ways to earn more glu credits and xplodium for your alien busting endeavors!

One of the cheats in Gun Bros 2 is to use your friend’s bro in the singleplayer levels, even if you two don’t play in Group Play. You can request to replace the basic computer controlled bro with your friend’s, essentially doubling your firepower, depending on his stats and weapons.

Gun Bros 2 Tips and Tricks

The second way to cheat in is by using the revival feature. Anytime you die during a mission, you have a chance to use a small amount of xplodium to revive your bro. Reviving lets you fight on, no matter how many times you die, but the xplodium cost will slowly go up.

Obviously if you want to use this feature, then you will have to gather some more explodium, as the game only starts you off with a small amount, enough for two revives. One of the easiest ways to get more is by simply playing any of the levels in the Missions mode. If you are somewhat lucky, your loot caches can include xplodium in great numbers. It’s possible to get over 1000 xplodium just by opening caches.

As for glu credits, your best bet is to await level ups and to utilize the sponsored apps function. These credits are much harder to get than xplodium, so you should be careful when spending them!

Gun Bros 2 Review

Gun Bros is one of those advertised titles that most people has heard about, even if they never actually planned to play it. As the first game was a success, I was interested to see how the second installment lives up to the name.

Before throwing me into the action, Gun Bros 2 showed off its somewhat impressive cutscenes, which introduced both Francis and Percy Gun as our heroes. This cutscene already made it obvious that the game doesn’t try to take itself seriously, as it was filled with silly moments and alien slaughter.

As I got into my first battle, the gameplay turned out to be somewhat more serious than the “story” indicated it to be. The battles themselves are definitely no joke, especially as I got to fight hordes of aliens in increasing numbers. Even though the first few battles were somewhat easy, the first Boss and each encounter after it turned out to be pretty tough. As barriered enemies got introduced, I had even bigger troubles than before, as my weapon was unable to shoot through their barriers. For this reason I had to head out to the Armory and outfit my bro with new barrier piercing effects on my guns.

During my playthrough enemy variety seemed to be a little low, sadly. Bosses were unique and interesting, but basic enemies are very similar to eachother and it doesn’t help that they are far away from the screen to really differentiate. In the bullet hell of missions, enemies are nothing but generic targets to take down.

Regarding equipment, I collected more than enough armor, and as it turns out matching armor pieces actually gives you permanent bonuses, so collecting them is a worthwhile thing to do. Sadly, weapons can’t be found in loot caches, so the only option to upgrade my firearms was to spend some of my xplodium at the Black Market. Most guns seemed to be very expensive, taunting me as I checked the possibilities. This made the gameplay somewhat stale after a while, as using only the same two guns for hours can get pretty boring.

Gun Bros 2 Tips and Tricks

While new weapons are hard to buy with limited funds, weapon mods are somewhat of a consolation. These are also not the easiest to get, as they are random rewards from loot caches, but their effects are both impressive and useful. Both the enemy seeking mine and the bro-ccelerator speed burst were fun to use.

As for the negatives: I was unable to try the multiplayer aspects of the game, as it seemed to have troubles logging into any of its online services. Numerous people complained about this issue on the internet, so it might seem that the multiplayer side of this game might not be usable anymore.

Another issue of mine was that the game kept lagging, although not in an unplayable way, fortunately. This issue seems to be happening to players randomly, so the game might not be fully optimized for all smartphones.

Overall, Gun Bros 2 is an okay game, but it feels like it lost some of its soul compared to the first game. If you wish for a twin-stick horde shooter, it can still satisfy your needs, but forget about multiplayer and expect some mildly annoying lag.


Artwork: The artwork of Gun Bros 2 deserves a 6/10. Map designs are unique and distinct enough to provide some freshness to the game, but the overall artstyle is somewhat generic and disappointing. We have seen countless games with this typical design over the years, is it bad to wish for something new?

Music & SFX: The music and SFX gets a 6/10 as well. Gun Bros 2 is a one trick pony regarding its music. The same rock song is constantly repeated in the menus, which can get stale and annoying after a while, causing players to turn it off. During battles music is entirely void, which is a shame. The SFX doesn’t really have much going for it either, as most of it can’t even be heard because of the loud and generic gun noises.

Story & Originality: As for the story, I give the game a 5/10. While the story has some promise, the game doesn’t really deliver. The story is soon forgotten behind the gunplay, which is not even that exciting, when you are forced to use the same guns for a very long time.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay of Gun Bros 2 gets a 5/10 from me. The original game reached popularity because of its gameplay, but sadly Gun Bros 2 doesn’t really bring much new to the table. Most of the systems are recycled and some are made worse. Multiplayer is hardly working, lag is present and the gunplay is limited because of a paywall. If guns would be made less expensive, this game would have much more going for it.

Addictiveness: Regarding the addictiveness level, I give it a 6/10. I would be glad to rate this higher, but the same issues apply as mentioned above. A more fair weapon accusition system could help with the boredom caused by the stale gameplay, but until then this game is not something I can imagine people would want to play for too long. Just get the first game.

Overall Score: 5/10. AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS CheatsGun Bros 2 Cheats,Gun Bros 2 Cheats Android,Gun Bros 2 Cheats iOS,Gun Bros 2 Tips,Gun Bros 2 Tricks
Years ago the Tyrannical Oppressors Of Life (T.O.O.L.) has entered the galaxy and started a war with humanity, in which we destroyed their armies. Now they are back, and only the Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Galactic Enforcement Division (F.R.A.G.G.E.D.) agents Francis and Percy Gun can stop them! Take control...