Ice Age Avalanche Tricks and Hints

Ice Age Avalanche does not stick to conventional match-3 mechanics. Several amazing levels and a new capture tiles game clearly suggest that much effort has been made toward creating a unique puzzle game for casual gamers. There’s also a fun PvP mode that lets you compete with a random human player. The player who captures maximum tiles wins the game.

One of the biggest challenges in this game is to win a “capture tiles” game against AI and human opponents. This is where you can earn gold coins, stones and boosters. Follow these tips and tricks to win capture tiles levels and earn more rewards.

How to Win at Capture Tiles Game

Ice Age Avalanche’s Capture Tiles game breathes new life into the match-3 genre. It makes the same old boring match-3 puzzle more competitive, engaging and fun.

In this match-3 variant, you will need to capture a set number of tiles before your opponent does. Both players will need to match 3 or more fruits to capture tiles beneath them. Whoever captures the target number of tiles first wins the game. You can play this game in Events against an AI opponent and in the Vs. Mode against human opponents.

Tap on Events > Mammal-a-Mammal to defeat as many bosses by capturing target tiles and win gold coins. Three wins in a row will earn you more coins. An event lasts for a few days, so make sure to participate in the Mammal-a-Mammal event and earn rewards before it gets over. You should play it because it’s probably the only way to earn gold coins for free. The coins can later be used to buy boosters or extra moves.

Ice Age Avalanche Tricks and Hints

Playing against a human opponent is funner than playing against an AI opponent. Plus the chances of winning are higher. However, you will rarely get gold coins as rewards. The rewards can be anything from stones to hearts or a booster. Tap on the big red “Vs.” button at the lower-right corner of the game screen. You will need to spend stones to play against a human player. These handy tips and tricks that will help you win at Capture Tiles game:

  1. Players play in turns, so if it’s your turn at the start of play, make the most of it. Look for larger matches (more than ) to capture maximum tiles. Matches of or fruits also create boosters, which can be used to remove more fruits and capture more tiles.
    But there’s a catch here. Your opponent can use your booster. Because players play in turns, you won’t be able to use the booster soon after you have matched or similar-colored fruits as it will be your opponent’s turn and if he spots one and finds a possible match with it, he can use it to his advantage.
    For example: For matches of fruits of the same type, a row or column blast booster will be created. This special fruit can now be used by your opponent if he finds a possible match.
    To avoid getting trapped into this, check whether there are matching fruits closer to those or same-colored fruits. If yes, look for other matches, but keep an eye on them as your opponent may match them and then give you an opportunity to use the booster to capture maximum tiles. If no, then match same-colored fruits to capture tiles.
  2. Focus on fruits that are placed on unclaimed tiles (light blue) and red tiles i.e. tiles captured by your opponent. Matching fruits on tiles already captured by you won’t increase your tile count. That’s one move wasted, giving your opponent an opportunity to increase his tile count.
  3. Look for fruit matches around tiles that still haven’t been captured by your opponent. Better option, match or more fruits that are placed on those tiles captured by your opponent to decrease his tile count.
    Make the most of boosters if you spot one and find a possible match. Never miss a swap opportunity when you see two boosters placed side by side on the game board. Remember, you can swap two boosters diagonally as well.
  4. Horizontal and vertical line blasts is the best way to capture maximum tiles on the game board. Look for same-colored fruit matches to create a line blast booster.

Ice Age Avalanche Tricks and Hints

Additional Tips and Tricks

In levels where you will need to remove two or more acorns, try to bring those acorns down faster by matching fruits at the bottom of the board. Look for 4-5 fruit matches at the bottom of the board. If you don’t find any, go for 3 fruit matches. But focus only on the bottom part on the game board because the first objective is to bring acorns down.

Create high-scoring combos to earn more stars. Keep on matching fruits quickly even when the board settles. This way you will earn score combos and earn bonus points. You earn 75 points for matches of 3 fruits and 105 points for matches of 4. Match 3 or more objects to score more points and earn more stars.

You will receive a special reward if you reach the target score. The special reward could be stones, boosters or hearts. Before tapping on the big green “Play” button, tap on the gift box icon beside the 3rd empty star to find out the target score. Replay those levels in which you couldn’t reach the target score.

You will need stars to unlock a new region in Ice Age Avalanche. Earn at least 2 stars in every level, although earning 3 stars is recommended. You may replay those levels where you earned only one or no star in case the star requirement isn’t met.

Make matches of 4 or more to earn stones, which can be used to purchase some boosters and upgrades.

Connect your friends on Facebook or Google+ to send and receive lives. If you have already added friends and are out of hearts, just tap on the heart icon at the top of the game screen and press the “Ask” button. AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS CheatsIce Age Avalanche Cheats,Ice Age Avalanche Cheats Android,Ice Age Avalanche Cheats iOS,Ice Age Avalanche Hints,Ice Age Avalanche Tricks
Ice Age Avalanche does not stick to conventional match-3 mechanics. Several amazing levels and a new capture tiles game clearly suggest that much effort has been made toward creating a unique puzzle game for casual gamers. There’s also a fun PvP mode that lets you compete with a random...