The LEGO game franchise is filled with some huge names and Jurassic World is no slouch to that claim either. LEGO games are famous for having plenty of cheats and secrets and unlockable characters for your to get throughout the world. LEGO Jurassic World features storylines from all four of the Jurassic Park films including the latest Jurassic World film, of course. It features the same usual gameplay we’ve come to expect from the LEGO games with beautiful little puzzles and enjoyable collections.

LEGO Jurassic World has you play through the four movies in whichever order you so wish. You can begin from the first movie or jump to Jurassic World if that’s the reason you bought the game. However, if you add some cheats, look to find the secrets and work towards all the unlockables, you can easily waste many hours into this game.


Therefore, we’ve gone out, done our research, and come back with a great list of all the cheat codes you can use to access special power-ups, new characters and more throughout the game. We’ve also included the achievements list for those of you playing on either Xbox, Playstation, PC or Mac. We hope you find some goals to set yourselves.


Pause the game and go to the Extras menu, then enter passwords on the Enter Cheats menu.

Code Effect
AU25GR ACU Trooper (Female)
28SPSR ACU Trooper (Male)
VK3TP3 Carlos
9GESXP Carter
5BETZ5 Cooper
EKCKLC Dieter Stark
YQ6S7Z Dino Handler Vic or Bob
AV9DTJ Ellie Degler
9NGZZQ Gyrosphere Operator Josh
A3HC7E Henry Wu (Jurassic World)
QKBCWT InGen Guard Jerry
38YWVR InGen Hunter
RMVVB8 InGen Mechanic AKA InGen Hunter 3
VZRSD3 InGen Mercenary AKA InGen Contractor
6MKHSG Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
PR2R6Y John Hammond (Lost World)
XTH9A3 Juanito Rostagno
3FE78R Jurassic Park Driver AKA Jeep Driver (unlocks Jurassic Park Responder Vehicle at the same time)
3FE78R Jurassic Park Responder Vehicle (unlocks Jurassic Park Driver at the same time)
8WY3FV Jurassic Park Warden (Female)
XJS7UY Jurassic Park Warden (Male)
BX9Z6R Jurassic World Paddock Worker
GW9TGH Jurassic World Ranger
L5AU6Y Jurassic World Worker AKA Jurassic World Ranger (Female)
JYJAFX Minikit Detector
BRLNWC Nash (Runway)
SXZ7CC Raptor Handler Jenny
62539J S.S. Venture Crewman
XVXGXF Scientist (Female)
SKKLWC Scientist (Male)
5MZ73E Studs Score Multiplier x 2
PFEBS6 Udesky (Alt)
RAVKRT Unlock Dennis Nedry (Hawaiian)
8XL359 Unlock InGen Hunter 1
7VNLJT Young Raptor Handler from Jurassic World

Check out the video below for all the cheats you can access in LEGO Jurassic World in action!


Achievement Description Value
65 Million Bricks In The Making Complete All Story Levels 40
A New Alpha Complete Under Attack 20
All I Got Was This T-Shirt Create a custom character 20
Anybody want a Soda? As Dennis Nedry, throw a soda can at another character 10
Are You Following The Dinosaur? Complete Out Of Bounds 20
Bingo! Dino DNA! Collect an Amber Brick 20
Building Blocks Of Life Build a LEGO object using Mr. DNA 10
Clever Goal As a Velociraptor, score a goal in the Jurassic World Petting Zoo 10
Decided Not To Endorse Your Park Complete The Visitor Center 20
Do-You-Think-He-Saurus? Sneak past a Dinosaur using Camoflauge 10
Don’t Go Into The Long Grass Complete The Hunted 20
Family Reunion Complete Eric Kirby 20
Full Jurassic World Experience Complete Gyrosphere Valley 20
Going Home Complete The Bird Cage 20
Hello John! Set both Free Play characters as John Hammond (or variant of him) 10
Helping Hand Heal A Dinosaur 10
Is This How You Make Dinosaurs? Complete Breeding Facility 20
Just Follow The Screams Complete San Diego 20
Mommy’s Very Angry Complete InGen Arrival 20
Must Go Faster Complete All Races 20
Next Time It’ll Be Flawless! Achieve 100% Completion 70
Nobody Move A Muscle Complete The Spinosaurus 20
Not Machine Compatible Try to use a hacker terminal as Alan Grant 10
Not On InGen’s List Complete Landing Site 20
Objects In The Mirror Complete Park Shutdown 20
Observe And Document Complete All Photographs 20
One Big Pile Of Bricks Collect All Red Bricks 20
Pack Hunter Set both Free Play characters as Raptors 10
Reason To Fear Man Defeat 50 Compy Goons 10
Remember To Wash Your Hands Complete a Dropping Rummage 10
Send The Helicopters Rescue all Workers in Peril 20
Something Has Survived Obtain ”True Survivor” in any level 20
Spared No Expense Collect 65,000,000 studs 40
Survival Expert Collect ”True Survivor” on all levels 40
That’s How It All Starts… Complete Isla Sorna 20
The Calm Before The Storm Complete Welcome To Jurassic Park 20
The Concept Of Attraction Enable Stud Magnet Red Brick 10
The Human Piece Of Toast Give Timmy a shock 10
The Legacy of John Hammond Collect All Amber Bricks 40
The Park Is Open Complete Welcome To Jurassic World 20
We Need More Teeth Complete Main Street Showdown 20
We Want To Be Thrilled Place a custom Dinosaur in a Paddock 10
We’re Being Hunted Complete Restoring Power 20
We’re Out Of A Job… Collect all Minikits in any level 20
Welcome To Jurassic Park Complete Prologue 20
Went And Made A New Dinosaur Create a custom dinosaur 20
What About The Others? Complete Communications Center 20
What Lysine Contingency? Heal all Dinosaurs 20
… Don’t You Mean Extinct? Collect all Minikits in the game 40

We hope you enjoyed finding out some great new cheats, unlockables weapons, secrets and outfits on this list. This game is filled with some great content for those willing to go looking for it. Let us know in the comments below which achievements you’re now working towards or which unlockables you’re excited to get! Games Cheats & CodesPC Games Cheats & CodesPS3 Games Cheats & CodesPS4 Games Cheats & CodesWiiU Games Cheats & CodesXbox 360 Games Cheats & CodesXbox One Games Cheats & CodesLEGO Jurassic World characters,LEGO Jurassic World cheats,LEGO Jurassic World for mac,LEGO Jurassic World for ps3,LEGO Jurassic World for ps4,LEGO Jurassic World for xbox 360,LEGO Jurassic World for xbox one,LEGO Jurassic World guide,LEGO Jurassic World levels,LEGO Jurassic World pc,LEGO Jurassic World secrets,LEGO Jurassic World unlockables,LEGO Jurassic World walkthrough
The LEGO game franchise is filled with some huge names and Jurassic World is no slouch to that claim either. LEGO games are famous for having plenty of cheats and secrets and unlockable characters for your to get throughout the world. LEGO Jurassic World features storylines from all four...