Rally Racer Dirt Tips and Cheats

Interested in drag racing until you can take it no more? D you want to play a fun racing game that has a ton of different tracks and has multiple different game modes that you can play? We have found the game for you. Created by Sadik Behlul Kuran, Rally Racer Dirt is one of the best free games in the app store that allows you to have fun drifting around a ton of tracks with tracks being added consistently throughout the year so that players don’t get tired of the game. Rally Racer Dirt is compatible for any device which has the iOS version 5.1. If players do not have this iOS version, then it will be hard for them to download the game without getting an update using their computer.

The last update in Rally Racer Dirt happened on April 24 of 2015 where they added a completely track known as Harbour. Although it was a while ago, it is still good that they are adding new tracks periodically throughout the year to keep the game as fresh as possible. Rally Racer Dirt is only in english, but probably one of the more easy games to understand even if you don’t know the language. After you figure out how to drift in the game, the rest is all simple and the controls are also really simple and universal. You can get Rally Racer Dirt on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Rally Racer Dirt Tips and Cheats

This realistic car racing game with surprisingly simple controls always players to make their own car with some of the most realistic cars that you will see in the game. The producer, Sadik Behlul Kuran, does his best to make the game work with actual physics as well as adding in the aspect of drifting that is often missing from other racing games. Within Rally Racer Dirt, there is a bit of variety, but you are limited to only 6 cars that you can drive and drift with. To get more specific with the cars, the cars can get upgrades and increased driving properties depending on how much money that you are making from the races.

You can almost constantly increase the driving properties on the car until you get bored from the game rather than you getting all of the upgrades possible in the game with the cash you get in game. Currently, there are three different tracks that you can play on, but then there are also different surfaces that you can play on, so really, there are a ton of different tracks even if it is a variation of three tracks. There are two different game modes that you can play with in Rally Racer Dirt. You can, first, play on challenge mode where there are a ton of different challenges, around thirty, that you have to complete in order to try and beat all of the possible levels so that you can finish off the challenge mode. The challenges get harder and harder as you go, so this will soak up a ton of time. The other mode that you can play is known as survival mode.

In this mode, you have to drift and drive for as long as possible which means that you will be going in circles constantly. The idea of this is so that you can keep on trying to beat your previous score of how long you are able to last until you lose out.

Cheats and Tips for Rally Racer Dirt

Unlike most other racing games, this one is a bit different because you aren’t really racing against other people, but rather just trying to beat your own high score. For this drifting, you have to be going around a kind of curvish area so that you can hit the right drift button if you want to go right and then the left drift button if you want to go left. You can really use the natural controller along with this and press whichever direction that you want to go if you want to drift tighter and then if you want to rift less, than click the other way. This will help you drift immensely and you won’t have to figure this out for yourself.

There aren’t really any other tips that I can give you besides to practice if you want to get good at this drifting thing. You have to be feeling the controls and see how that is affecting your character. If you don’t do this, you might struggle to drift by just trying to read tips on how to drift. You have to get a feel for the game instead of being explained the game. It’s like in soccer, if someone explains to you how to shoot the ball, it might help a bit, but in the end, you have to get a feel for the ball and how to shoot it in order to shoot well.

Rally Racer Dirt Tips and Cheats

Rally Racer Dirt Review

I think that while Rally Racer Dirt feels really realistic and the artwork is great for the car and the tracks, I think that there needs to be a larger variety because currently there are only three tracks and then variations of those tracks. It makes the game kind of boring after playing on the three tracks for a while and there is really nothing to play for after that. There are also only 6 cars that you can possibly play with, so there is really just a lack of effort put into making the game larger in terms of the amount of content available. Lastly, there is a lack of social connecting with other players. If there is a way to race other people online or with friends who are near you, it would be a lot more fun in the game because you have that feeling of wanting to get better, which in the end, will make you better so that you can beat your friends.


I would rate Rally Racer Dirt a rating of 7/10 based on artwork. The loading screen has a nice three d picture of a car racing and doing turnovers. After that, you see animations and footage of a car racing around the field. The sun points out a good view as well as the rocks, and dirt. The tree could be worked on as it does not look as realistic but everything else seems good. When you choose a mode, you also get tips. The natural views are good as well as car animations and tutorial. This gives a good animation and simulator as to driving to a real car. The hills and dirt around the hills may not be as good condition for graphic as the car itself knowing that your view is from behind the car.
But the graphics in general are pretty decent if I do say so myself. The artwork in general looks like any ordinary racing game. But they were able to keep this game towards a three d animation which is pretty good if I say so myself. They used unity, which is expected for a three d game in my opinion. The producer was smart enough to create this game out of the format of unity. This is why I would give Rally Racer Dirt a rating of 7/10 due to the fact of their own unique reasons.

Rally Racer Dirt Tips and Cheats
Music and SFX
I would rate Rally Racer Dirt a rating of 6/10 based on the format of music and SFX. You may wonder why this may not have a higher rating as artwork. This is because they only have one music provided at the moment. Although the producer as the points in the right idea, it is still one song. The song that they have produced a good decent background soundtrack. But the fact that the duration of even the song is short, there is not much I can rate this on.
Basically, the song is short, the soundtrack itself is decent but gets quite annoying or in other words pestering after you listen to it a few more times. But that’s not all, one positive reason, is that they have sounds for every small move such as the breaks. I think the breaks was a good example due to the fact that the car itself plays a big role when you want to compare it towards the breaks side. This is why I gave Music and Sfx, a different rating for Rally Racer Dirt.
Story and originality
I would give Rally Racer Dirt a rating of 6/10. Because of the fact that this has no background story, that is ok. Why? Because racing games like these normally do not require a background story. All you have to do is race. Although it fills you in and tells you what goes on from here to there, you still are positive and you know one thing you must do about the knowledge. And that is racing. In the end all you have to do is race. I would give story mode a long process of ratings but the originality is what comes next. The originality plays a big role towards ratings as well as the story. This game isn’t unique but it is a good genre towards devices.
There are not a lot of racing games in mobile devices, so that is one positive feedback. But although most racing games have one, no background story, and two, provides much decent work. On my phone, there Is no difference between playing it mobile or on a laptop / computer. This brings back a feeling. Not a bad one nor a positive one. I would say neutral. This feeling is when you play racing games, the numb emotion you get. I like the fact that the producer for rally race dirt was able to transfer this type of genre into a phone compatibility. This person has done a lot in my opinion. The fact that these games originality was produced towards and for computers and laptops. He was able to transfer the ability to play from the computer and laptop, towards a whole new level in which now worldwide we commonly use, a phone.
Let’s compare this to normal racing computer games. Although there isn’t much to compare. There are some important roles we must compare about. One, we must compare about the graphics on both sides, Computers and phones. They are basically the same. Two, we need to compare about the stableness of playing it on a computer and playing it on phones. There is basically no difference as you can see. Both sides have equal amount of accessibility and in terms of graphics. Lastly we must not forget that when we have our phones, and we have Rally Racer Dirt, we must know about the mobility. That is right, I said mobility. The ability for the mobility combines the excitement towards the audience who love racing genre games. You are now able to be on trains, busses and other transportation and play racing games. You can kill time just because of that. This creates a new legacy in my opinion. This is why I gave Story and originality this rating.

Rally Racer Dirt Tips and Cheats
General Gameplay
I would give general gameplay a rating of 7/10. You start off with a loading screen of a three d view of a car speed turning with breaks. This creates automatically a commotion in your brain. One that might say, this game has a potential for my liking! What this also cause is that the next step is the mission select. This creates excitement being able to play straight away. Although the ads are on the top this is ok for me. It does not bother me when I am playing the game. Although the tutorial is decent. I would have liked it more by learning how tto play the game myself. I’m not sure about anyone else, but the sliding and tilting is a bit way to sensitive.
When I break and try to turn it is as if there is a commotion. This causes a problem in my gameplay. Although I try to adjust to it the dirt doesn’t make things any better which is reasonable for me because most racing games the dirt screws you over, and your objective mainly is to stay on the road and get to the finish line as fast as you can with the time given. I believe that this gameplay is pretty solid. It has the right idea in general and this can be improved. The time spent on this should be added in some more. I can find this game a potential growth towards the standards of popularity in the app store, only if the producer himself gives up more time and think about Improvement’s for this game.
I wasn’t able to experience as much gameplay as the other reviews I have done, but I can say that this game did a good job in terms of creating a new policy towards the app store genre. Once again there isn’t a lot of genre where racing is including. Especially in terms of three d versions of game, this is a new generation, or in other words a new start for our world. This is why I gave Rally Racer Dirt a total of a rating of 7/10.
I would give Rally Racer Dirt a rating of 6/10. It gave me some time to kill but once again I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I had hope for. Unfortunately, this game didn’t really attract me as much as the other reviews and games I have done. Although the ad policy in this game isn’t a big issue I like the why this game was solidly built. In my opinion I am not addicted towards racing games but I am honest about the ratings. Which is why I gave this game a lower rating than usual. In my opinion the racing games I played in the past all get kinda rusty and boring after a while. Even motorcycle games which are ones such as Trails Fusion games.
That whole edition/ collection of games I played for awhile. And to be really honest with you, I found them cool to play around with for some times. But once you get to achieve all of the same stuff such as the stunts you pull or back flips etc. I find it pretty boring. In general I would recommend this game towards my fellow buddies who enjoy playing racing games, but for me, I am not addicted to this game. I really enjoyed this game but it is not really right for me. I give a recommendation to the producer for this game because so far I have no seen so many unity game popping out on phone apps. This game is the first one I’ve seen which surprised me.
General/ Overall
I would give this game a rating of 6/10

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Interested in drag racing until you can take it no more? D you want to play a fun racing game that has a ton of different tracks and has multiple different game modes that you can play? We have found the game for you. Created by Sadik Behlul Kuran,...