Shoot the Zombirds Cheats and Tips

Shoot the Zombirds is an arcade game developed by Infinite Dreams, a company known for other games such as Let’s Create! Pottery Lite, Can Knockdown 3 or Sky Force 2014. Shoot the Zombirds is available on both platforms (it costs $0.99 for Apple users) and it has been downloaded for approximately 3 million times. The game has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play and 4 and a half stars on Apple’s App store. In order to run smoothly, it requires an Android version of at least 2.3 and, for Apple devices, iOS 5.0 and up.

In this game you take the role of a pumpkin-headed survivor that wants to protect his pumpkids at all means. In order to do this, you must fight birds that were turned into zombies and want to eat fresh pumpkin seeds (which happen to be your very own children). Shoot the Zombirds may sound creepy but it’s, as a matter of fact, hilarious.
Shoot the Zombirds doesn’t require a mandatory sign-up but in order to ensure no data loss and to check achievements, results and highscores, Android users should sign-in with Google Play Services. I was a bit surprised that you can’t link any social account with the game but on the other hand, you can tweet about your scores on Twitter. One of the great things about the new update is that the game now supports a cloud save.

The game has only one resource that acts as both normal and premium currency. The coins are collected from Coin Skulls during the game or by completing objectives but they can also be bought with real money. The price for Coins varies starting with $0.99 in exchange for 2,500 Coins and going up to $19.99 for 200,000 Coins. It is worth mentioning that with any purchase the game will become ad-free.

Shoot the Zombirds Cheats and Tips

Cheats & Tips for Shoot the Zombirds

  • Focus on the birds that are stealing pumpkids. They really need to die before they can escape or you will not last very long.
  • You can pin birds together by firing arrows continuously. Use this in your advantage.
  • Don’t waste your time with the objectives because you will most likely complete them without even doing it on purpose. However, keep an eye on them.
  • Check for the objects than can be smashed because most likely they are filled with hidden stuff.
  • If you are not sure what to upgrade first, I would suggest the Pumkingarten. The pumkids are basically lives, so the more the merrier.
  • You initially start with arrows and you can stack up to (you get arrow each time you make a hit and or more when you kill birds with one stone – see what I did here?). If you are a lousy shooter, focus on upgrading More Arrows rather than Pumkingarten.
  • The flying skulls are giving you coins. It is hard to hit them and they don’t pose a threat to your pumpkids but the reward is worth it.
  • Arrows that don’t hit a target and go for the sky will eventually fall down and possibly hit a target. If you have some spare arrows, it doesn’t hurt to preventively shoot them.
  • If you are overrun by zombirds, let them take the pumpkids and shoot them right before they get away. By doing this, all the other zombirds who will get to your shelter will return empty-handed (more like empty-clawed).
  • While the pumpkids are returning to the shelter by foot, they aren’t targetable even though they are in an open field. Use this in your advantage.

Shoot the Zombirds Cheats and Tips

Shoot the Zombirds Review

I always taught that Shoot the Birds is a great funny game with an interesting theme but I’ve never thought I would say that the creepier darker sequel of it, Shoot the Zombirds is better. Even though the game is oriented towards the Halloween, it’s good at what it does so it’s suited for any time of the year.

What I like the most about Shoot the Zombirds it’s the fast paced atmosphere of the game. You will literally have no time to do anything else while playing it – the more casual players will tend to disagree with me but I believe that a game of this type it’s required to make the player think twice about the available time before starting a new session. I also like a lot the fact that the game has a Stats option implemented. One of my guilty pleasures about games is to see as many statistics as possible about my gameplay and fortunately Shoot the Zombirds allows me to do that – a thorough statistic starting from the number of zombirds killed and ending with the number of times I fired arrows.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the developers reward the player with Coins for any additional task they do such as liking Shoot the Zombirds on Facebook, downloading other titles from the company or rating the game on Google Play. Moreover, I think is great that you really have a lot of things to do with the coins in-game. There are a bunch of characters waiting to be unlocked with lots of coins and also upgrades and different interesting power-ups. I really appreciate the fact that with the last update, they introduced the cloud save option – all mobile devices game should do this as soon as possible.

There are a few things I don’t really like about Shoot the Zombirds as well. First of all, the fact that you can’t save your progress during waves is a bit disappointing in my opinion. As I mentioned before, I like the fact that the game is challenging and fast paced so I am a bit unhappy about the fact that I have to start from the beginning every time I lose. Secondly, I think that the game currently lacks a daily reward challenge of some sort. Nothing too fancy but a small prize for daily logins would be great. In the end, I think that in order to make Shoot the Zombirds more enjoyable, the developers should think about adding a new mode to give it a little variety. Something like a deathmatch where you have unlimited ammo or lives but you face a greater number of zombirds would be ideal.
Overall, I am happy to say that I would definitely recommend Shoot the Zombirds. This is one of the few solid games I managed to play for a while and the developers should be proud of their work.

Shoot the Zombirds Cheats and Tips


Artwork: Shoot the Zombirds gets a rating of 7 out of 10 for its artwork. The game is dark but with a twisted sense of humor that, fortunately, I appreciate. I really like the theme and the design of the environment. Also, I believe that the way the zombirds and the pumpkin-man look is very awesome and inspire a post-apocalyptic future. The only reason I am not giving the game a better rating is because I expected more, visually speaking. It is an arcade game so I wonder where all the flashy animations and designs are. Usually, this kind of games tend to exaggerate with flashy stuff but Shoot the Zombirds actually lacks them.
Music & SFX: I give the game a rating of 8 out of 10 at this section. The music is spooky and scary but it suits the theme well. The atmosphere is awesome and it feels like Halloween. I must admit, Shoot the Zombirds is a game with a nice soundtrack. The sound effects are also great – the way the zombirds are mumbling is funny and when your character speaks is hilarious. Other than this, there isn’t much to say about the music or the sound effects. Overall, they are above average and I think that the developers did a great job.
Story/Originality: Shoot the Zombirds gets 9 out of 10 at this segment. The idea of being a pumpkin that is shooting zombie birds to protect his pumpkin children is one of the sickest and weirdest yet original idea I’ve ever heard. Seriously, only a mind as creepy as mine could have thought of this combination. However, this doesn’t mean that I didn’t see similar games so I can’t say that Shoot the Zombirds is entirely authentic. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have a story whatsoever and even though it doesn’t really need one, I would have really appreciated some basic information about how and why I ended up in a field full of flying rotten birds.

Shoot the Zombirds Cheats and Tips
General Gameplay: Shoot the Zombirds gets of 8 out of 10 at this section. The gameplay is pretty intuitive but I really think that a more thorough tutorial would have been necessary especially if the player is not familiar with this kind of games. The upgrade system is pretty basic and every single item you can buy has a clear instruction about what is its role and how you use it and I think that this thing is great. Also, I appreciate the fact that the difficulty of the game is segmented into different waves so the player can get used with the game before he will face greater challenges. For the time I’ve played Shoot the Zombirds, I haven’t encountered any major bugs, freezes or crashes and the ads are discrete.
Addictiveness: I give the game a rating of 8 out of 10 for its addictiveness. Being an arcade game, Shoot the Zombirds is addictive by its nature. However, I really appreciate the extra playability it has to offer. I know that there is only one map mode (a survival one) but all the extra objectives and the fact that you are able to collect coins that you later exchange for different upgrades and visuals, really helps the game. It is true that it lacks a lot of things starting from getting different modes or even some sort of multiplayer implementation but nevertheless, the game looks pretty good from this point of view.

Overall, Shoot the Zombirds gets a rating of 8.0 out of 10. The game may not be unique when you are talking about the gameplay but that doesn’t really matter because it is fun, it has a great theme and it is very enjoyable for the player. AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS CheatsShoot the Zombirds Cheats,Shoot the Zombirds Cheats Android,Shoot the Zombirds Cheats iOS,Shoot the Zombirds Tips
Shoot the Zombirds is an arcade game developed by Infinite Dreams, a company known for other games such as Let’s Create! Pottery Lite, Can Knockdown 3 or Sky Force 2014. Shoot the Zombirds is available on both platforms (it costs $0.99 for Apple users) and it has been downloaded...