Looking for a new, challenging and minimalistic game to become the best at? In this case, take a look at Spinny Circle! Spin and rotate the colorful circle, and don’t let the ever changing ball land on the wrong color! How long can you last?

Spinny Circle is the newest arcade game created by NaughtyBits. The only other game released by the developer is Spinny Square, in which the gameplay is fairly similar, yet the shapes differ.

As for its ratings, Spinny Circle has an average 3.5/5 stars on the Google Play Store in 2016. The game has also been released on the Apple App Store, although under a different developer name, with a less updated version, rated at 4/5 stars in 2016. Today we will cover the Android release with the latest features, so read on to find out more!

The general principle of Spinny Circle is as simple as it gets: your goal is to rotate a circle made up of seven different colors, and make the ball in the middle bounce as long as possible. The trick is that the ball changes color after every bounce, and it only bounces off of the same colored part of the circle.

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About Spinny Circle

There are two game modes available, in which the circle controls change, and the scoring system is separate as well. The first mode only allows you to rotate the circle in one direction, while the secondary mode lets you rotate it both ways. Rotating in the first mode is done by tapping the screen anywhere, and you can tap multiple times in a short succession to rotate faster. In the second mode, tapping on the left or right side of the screen will rotate the circle in that direction.

Spinny Circle’s secondary mode makes the experience a bit easier, as reaching the correct colors is more simply achieved, and under less time, by being able to rotate two ways. The first mode on the other hand is harder, as when the ball changes into a color right next to the current one, you might not be able to tap once, but will need to tap 6 times to get over to it.

Each successful bounce in the game counts as one point, therefore lasting as long as possible yields the best scores over time. There is a global scores feature planned, to let you see how you fare against other players, but it’s currently unavailable.

Spinny Circle also has a few ads included, which appear after every second or third failure. These can be static or video ads, depending on current trends. On a more positive note, there is also an option to cheat and get an extra life to continue from the score where you failed last time, in exchange for watching an optional ad.

Cheats & Tips for Spinny Circle

Cheats for Spinny Circle are few and far between, but you might be able to find a few if you know where to look! There are always a small number of tips and tricks to cheat any game with, so let me tell you about these down below!

Obviously the best of the cheats you might be able to take advantage of is the extra life feature, presented by the game itself. If you fail at a high score and want to continue, all you have to do is tap the “Life?” button in the end game screen and watch an ad. You can keep doing this for each failure, if you wish so.

Regarding general gameplay tips, the most important thing about this game is practice. At first you might not get over 2 points, but as you try again and again, you will learn the basics and become better. If you have troubles at first, choose the secondary game mode, which is easier and better for learning the game.

Another tip to keep in mind is that even though the circle has an effect when rotating, you don’t have to wait for this to finish, you can keep tapping multiple times in a split second. The gameplay is only limited by how fast your fingers can tap, so having a fast reaction will get you the advantage.

Spinny Circle Review

Minimalistic arcade games like Spinny Circle were always one of my favorite games to play on mobile devices, so I was glad to take a look at this fairly new title!

After launching the game, I was presented with the extremely simplistic menu, made up of literally just a circle and a highscore indicator. After tapping on the screen, the game immediately started, but without knowing anything about the mechanics, I failed at a score of 1 point. Under the next 15 or so tries, I finally figured out the controls and got a good hold of them, so the game is pretty easy to get used to.

That is until I realised there are two different modes, which can be swapped on the end game screen. After playing for a while with both modes, I found the secondary one to be much more fun. Being able to rotate the circle both ways seemed to not only be easier, but an overall less frustrating experience as well.

Mastering Spinny Circle is challenging even in the secondary mode though, and getting my first good score took a while. Once I got over 24 points, I felt more confident in my skills, and my last highscore has became 30. Sadly, I couldn’t check the global scores to see how well I did compared to other players, since the “Scores” feature has a popup saying that it’s yet to come.

Now, there is also a huge negative thing about the game, and that is the whole ads thing. The game has a high number of ads, shown after every second or third failure, and it feels extremely out of place. I tried to keep focusing on the gameplay, but the ads ruined this every time, especially when a video ad popped in with loud sounds. There is no option to disable them in this version, which is a shame. The only positive feature related to ads is the option to watch one and get a chance at continuing the last score.

Overall, this is an addicting arcade game for sure, but the ads are so annoying and out of place, that most players will definitely get mad about it. The fact that there is no way to get rid of them, and the small gameplay time available between them makes this feel like a suffering at times. Until the game gets updated and introduces ways to disable ads, or even just adds global scores to motivate players, I can’t heartfully recommend it.


Artwork: I give the artwork of Spinny Circle a rating of 7/10. A highly minimalistic, yet colorful visual style represents this game, which I found to be appealing. It’s one of those apps that fit really well on mobile, and almost blend into the device.

Music & SFX: The SFX gets a 5/10. There is no music in the game whatsoever, and the SFX are as basic as it gets. You get one sound for bounce and a secondary to indicate failure, but other than that this is a pretty quiet game.

Story & Originality: The originality of Spinny Circle deserves a 6/10. The game’s mechanic has not been too overused yet, but it’s far from being original. Still, there is something charming about the idea of it, and the fact that you can just bring it up anywhere to take one or two tries at beating your score is positive.

General Gameplay: Regarding the general gameplay, I must give this a 3/10. If I were to only look at the act of the fun circle rotating, I would give this a much higher rating, but sadly I can’t pass the obnoxious ads. They take you out of the experience every single time, while there is no way to disable them, not even by paying real money. Trying to top your last highscore is demoralizing once a loud video ad pops in after every few attempts.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness factor of this title gets a 4/10 as well. Sadly, the ads also ruin the longevity of the game, as most players don’t have the patience to deal with them in the long run. The lack of any real motivation, such as the promised global scores feature is also something that hurts the game, and might make people get bored of it after a short while.

Overall Score: 5/10.

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Looking for a new, challenging and minimalistic game to become the best at? In this case, take a look at Spinny Circle! Spin and rotate the colorful circle, and don’t let the ever changing ball land on the wrong color! How long can you last? Spinny Circle is the newest...