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Super Hexagon is a self-described “minimal action game” created by London based, Irish born, independent game developer Terry Cavanagh. Gameplay in Super Hexagon is set to the exuberant and hypnotic musical stylings of London based chip musician Niamh Houston, also known as Chipzel.

Super Hexagon has been well received by both critics and general audiences. Super Hexagon currently has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on the iTunes App Store, a 4.5 score on the Google Play Store, a 10/10 rating on the Steam Store, a 4.5 out of 5 on Metacritic, and a 9 out of 10 from IGN, and 88% on the PC version in 2016.

Super Hexagon was also the runner up for the Apple App Stores “Best of 2012” list, it was a finalist for the 2013 Independent Games Festival where it was nominated to receive the Excellence in Design award and was an honorable mention for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, and lastly it was a nominee for best British game at the British Academy Video Games Awards.

One of the few popular occurrences of totally free games, Super Hexagon is both free to download and it offers no in app purchases during 2016. Yes, you read that right, Super Hexagon is completely free on its mobile versions. This is a rare move for a mobile game developer, there isn’t even a pesky energy system for you to get your micro transacting on.

Super Hexagon is cool for all ages but the bright colors, spinning background, and fast paced heart-pounding electronic music would lead me to believe it’s not the best game for your newborn or your grandma, but I’m no doctor and experience is the father of learning so…

Super Hexagon Cheats

Cheats & Tips for Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon’s gameplay is as such, your objective is to ensure the triangle around the perimeter of the hexagon, at the center of the screen, at no point makes contact with any of the walls and lines that are moving towards the center. My description probably makes it sound a lot more complex than it actually is but trust me, it’s incredibly simple to understand.

Tapping on the left side of your screen moves the triangle counterclockwise around the hexagon’s perimeter, tapping on the right side moves the triangle clockwise, pretty straightforward. There are six levels, three normal and three “hyper” levels. They are as follows: hexagon, hexagoner, hexagonest, followed by three hyper levels. After surviving 60 seconds in the normal rounds you proceed to the hyper levels.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward the only real tips I can suggest have to do with how you approach gameplay and how you react to the varying difficulties and the initial confusion that will wash over you while you’re wondering why you keep losing in 10 seconds or less.

For starters don’t worry about having your thumb in a specific spot on the screen, so long as a finger is in the right 50% of the screen the triangle will move clockwise and vice versa. Also, the most important tip I can give you is to always look beyond the immediate obstacle, look ahead, into the black abyss of the background and try to see the next two or three walls coming at you.

Being able to get a big picture look at the challenges you face in the future, will ultimately alter your reaction to the obstacles that confront you now. This vision will allow you to make calculated moves that will certainly lead you on the pathway to more success, planning ahead is a major key. Timing is also the lion’s share of the skills needed. Unless you’ve reached the 60 second mark, which is what each level requires before moving onto another one, you’ll always have to ensure your eyes stay focused on the prize.

Although there are in game achievements and medals that can be won, it’s not even about the jewelry in Super Hexagon, the best feeling is logging into the game center and competing against your friends, fighting for something more valuable than medals, bragging rights. Being able to say “we the best” is truly the most rewarding experience.

You could even try competing against the world number one player in Super Hexagon but remember, all he does is win, but if you can conquer the odds and jet ski through the storm than you could also be number one. Share updates on your Facebook or Snapchat, Tweet the Taz Angles, either way make sure to get social with Super Hexagon because it’s a great way to not only get recognized but it makes the whole experience less impersonal and more fun.

Also the patterns in each level are repeating so practice more than anything will probably help you. If you found the announcers voice and the intense music distracting than just mute the volume and play your own music, for some people the intense music is motivating as it gets their heart rate up and their adrenalin pumping. Personally I prefer to relax on my hammock while playing, getting into that cool zone and just doing what comes naturally. Either way it’s your call but experimentation never hurt anyone…

Super Hexagon Cheats

Super Hexagon Review

Originally released in 2012 at the tails end of the financial crises, Super Hexagon’s success reflects the current obsession with minimalism that’s been in vogue since the dawn of the 2010s. Its rise also coincides with the mainstream acceptance of electronic music and the effects of hacker culture on the gaming world, as evidenced by the success of independent game developers over well financed studios through the use of ingenuity, speed, and simplicity.

These new independent developers are passionate about games, puzzles, and quality as opposed to quantity. Whereas many large firms believe the key to a great game is having cutting edge graphics, intricate story lines, a defined niche market, or a large scale marketing campaign. The pompous Game of War: Fire Age is archetypal of this style, with its celebrity endorsements, blitzkrieg style advertising campaign on all platforms, multi-tiered multi-strategy multi-player multi-year commitment to hours staring at the screen, upgrading, upscaling, one upping, and never actually winning since the game is designed to pressure you into micro-transactions ad infinitum.

Today’ games would be wholly unrecognizable to gamers from 2 or 3 decades ago. The video game has deviated greatly from its arcade origins into an all-encompassing experience that transcends literature, film, and gaming itself. These new games immerse the player into different worlds of incredible complexity, drawing them into fantasies, for some this blurs the line between fantasy and reality and they lose themselves in this new world.

Some would describe that feeling of total immersion as the ideal that all games must strive for, and there’s nothing wrong with that aspect of gaming, but games can serve different purposes for different people. I would even argue that a game such as Super Hexagon can be as immersive and as transcending an experience as any other game due to the fact that immersion is the byproduct of complete focus and engagement.

The fact that Super Hexagon can create that level of immersion, that it can succeed commercially and in the eyes of the public, despite its relatively miniscule budget, on merit and word of mouth alone is quite the remarkable feet. The story of Super Hexagon is a testament to the timelessness of fundamental gaming principles with or without the extra baggage.

Super Hexagon exemplifies the core of “action gaming” as a platform for constant energetic activity by stripping unnecessary details, leaving only the essential theme of exhilarating activity that spurs intense focus and thus devout investment in the present moment.

Perhaps the answer lies in psychology, when you start a game session you’ll hear the eerie voice of an android like woman, prodding you into mindless observance, “game over” she says when lose, “again” she insists when you start a new game session. It’s truly strange to hear that authoritative voice, monotone and impersonal with the consistency of a clock each time you fail. But then, eventually after 20 or so attempts you get better and reach that coveted 10 second time and she says “fine”, just as impersonal and cold as before but it’s better than “game over”.

If you get better than “fine” than it’s “excellent”, you feel proud, as if you’ve accomplished something. Are incentives really that simple? There’s certainly a bit of reverse psychology going on with Super Hexagon and this occurs on two levels. First there’s the lack of advertising and monetization, which is great but ultimately unusual for a mobile game, second the gaming environment is quite uninviting.

The first level is labeled as “hard”, the absolute first level, and the second one is “harder”, the third? You guessed it, “hardest”, and there are three more levels beyond that. Most game developers are throwing every trick at the book to try to get you to play: buxom models, kawaii, celebrities, product placement, bright colors, loyalty programs, focus groups, email reminders, push notifications, and the list goes on.

Super Hexagon Cheats

However, Super Hexagon does the exact opposite, the voice is cold and unimpressed, it’s as if the game could care less if you play or not. To take this personification even further one could even compare it to the thrill of the chase, wanting what you can’t have, and so on.

These are just my observations and my attempts at explaining what makes Super Hexagon so fun. I think my assessment can at least be said to fairly represent an idealistic interpretation, which may be valid enough for an esoteric discussion of the “philosophy of games” or something along those lines but I’m no John Nash and with all due respect, I don’t think you need a beautiful mind to figure out Super Hexagon.

If I had to rely on intuition alone then I’d say Super Hexagon is probably just another mindless addicting game, perhaps one of the best mindless addicting games. At best it’s closer to a parody of its genre, as opposed to a critique of its times. If there’s anything I can say with certainty it’s that Super Hexagon is generally pretty fun, albeit a bit irksome after a while, but it’s still a game you can pick up from time to time if you’re bored.


Artwork, Graphics 9/10

Audio, Special Effects 7/10

Addictiveness 9.5/10

Originality & Creativity 10/10

General Gameplay 9/10

Overall 8.9/10 AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS CheatsSuper Hexagon Cheats,Super Hexagon Cheats Android,Super Hexagon Cheats iOS,Super Hexagon Tips
Super Hexagon is a self-described “minimal action game” created by London based, Irish born, independent game developer Terry Cavanagh. Gameplay in Super Hexagon is set to the exuberant and hypnotic musical stylings of London based chip musician Niamh Houston, also known as Chipzel. Super Hexagon has been well received by...