World of Warriors Hints, Tips and Cheats

In World of Warriors you’re on an epic journey across the Wildlands in order to conquer the Skull Army and the infamous King Boneshaker. You’ll need to recruit warriors from all time periods including Samurais, Knights, Romans, Egyptian guards, Vikings, and more before going on the attack. Along the way you’ll need to train your warriors, craft potions and talisman, and fight epic battles to keep the Skull Army at bay, all of which requires crystals and wildstones. Luckily, we’ve got the tips, hints, and cheats you need to fight smarter, increase your XP faster, and spend far less real world money on in-app purchases!

1. Claim your rewards as you unlock them

In World of Warriors, there is an Achievements tab off the main menu. Be sure to visit this any time you see an exclamation point over it. This means you’ve unlocked a reward that you can collect. I’ve seen many people forget to do this in many games. In this case, you may be leaving crystals, coins, and lots more on the table. So be sure to keep an eye on this tab so you know you’re collecting everything you’ve got coming to you.

2. How to spend red crystals and blue gems wisely

Red crystals are the hardest form of currency to come across without having to spend real world money. That means you’ll want to use them wisely. The most valuable use of red crystals is to unlock the Door of Epics. This is where you’ll find the most rare and valuable warriors. You’ll need these kinds of fighters to take on more difficult opponents. Unless you absolutely need to use red crystals elsewhere, use almost all of them on the Door of Epics.

As for blue gems, these aren’t items you can buy with real money. Luckily, you come across them rather regularly while fighting and exploring the land. It’s also okay to use them rather regularly. If you link your Facebook account, you can also gift them to your friends and they can gift them to you. I always use them on the Honor Door in order to unlock Talismans and potions. You’ll earn more blue gems fast enough that you don’t normally have to worry about not having them when you need them.

World of Warriors Hints, Tips and Cheats

3. How to strategically train and upgrade your warriors

Understanding warrior cards and what each number means is important. For example, at a glance you can tell by the two numbers in the upper left hand corner what level your warrior is at. Their XP is indicated by the bar below their icon. Once the two numbers match, you won’t gather anymore XP without upgrading them further. If you go into the settings panel of the game and tap on tips and tutorials, Mind Candy has published an incredibly informative video on how to understand warrior cards better. I highly recommend all players watch it as it will help you train and upgrade warriors more effectively.

Aside from knowing the basics, always wait to train warriors until you’re ready to quit playing, unless you can spare them right now. Once you start leveling up, training takes longer amounts of time. You don’t want to tie up one of your best warriors while you’re playing the game. Instead, wait until you’re ready to put it down. You should always start training a warrior before quitting the game so when you come back, an upgrade will be ready for you. If one’s available to be trained, take advantage.

4. Gain XP faster through the Portal on Sundays

Every Sunday, the Portal offers great XP potions that can help you level up your warriors even faster. Simply win some battles and claim your potions. You can then let your warriors drink them in order to increase their XP. This way you don’t have to fight in order to earn XP.

While the Portal offers different types of rewards and prizes every day of the week, I’ve found Sundays to be the day you definitely don’t want to miss, especially if you’re wanting to level up faster.

5. How to equip Talismans wisely

Talismans pack an extra punch to the fighter they’re attached to. Whether it’s more health or to make certain element attacks less devastating, they’re an important part of the game. You’ll just want to make sure you use them wisely. Here are some tips that I’ve found to be most effective when using Talisman –

Remove Talisman from your warriors when you don’t need them so you aren’t wasting them. For example, if you’re wandering around collecting materials and not fighting in new battles, don’t waste Talisman since they can only be used so many times.
Choose who you attach a Talisman to wisely. For example, since water damages fire more than any other element, attaching a Talisman that lessens water attacks would be most beneficial on a fire element warrior, and so on.
You’ll find lots of useful Talisman if you visit the Honor Door often.

World of Warriors Hints, Tips and Cheats

6. How to choose better leaders and fighters

Elements effect each other differently, which you can see represented by the element key that appears at the top middle of every battle. So if your current opponent is a fire warrior, your best bet is to fight them with water. The same goes for a fire warrior attacking an earth warrior. Just look at the dial and be sure to choose the best opponent for who you’re attacking. Fights aren’t timed so there’s no need to rush an attack. After all, World of Warriors is a strategy game, so make sure you’re strategizing before attacking.

This is also important when choosing your leaders and subsequent fighters. If you get knocked out, your warriors get pulled in order. So look at your opponents and match them accordingly. If your opponent is leading with an air warrior, you should lead with an earth one, if available. Again, pay attention to how elements effect each other and choose your warriors with this in mind.

When using Mana, it’s always best to use it against the element you can harm most. For example, if a fire opponent is up for attack, use Mana on one of your water warriors. In most cases, you’ll inflict more damage this way, unless of course you have a warrior that’s stronger by level, then use them instead.

7. Save boost potions for attacks that wound multiple opponents

I typically have found it best to save boost potions for use on warriors that wound multiple enemies at once. For example, the Phantom Strike attack injures not only the warrior you’re currently attack, but the others as well. This is a great way to knock down an opponent’s health even faster.
I’d also never advise using a boost potion on a regular attack. Only use it in combination with Mana since that will inflict the most damage.

World of Warriors Hints, Tips and Cheats

8. Look for treasures and materials off the beaten path

In order to craft certain items, you’ll have to find specific materials. If you simply follow the battle path, you’re going to miss a lot of materials that you’re going to need. So be sure you’re wandering around the land and fighting other battles that will help you acquire missing materials. You can also find them in Tower and Portal challenges as well.

You also accrue more XP for every battle you fight. So if you’re stuck on a specific battle that you need to complete to advance, use other smaller battles as ways to train and level up before trying again.

9. Claim daily prizes, even if you can’t play

Every day you launch World of Warriors, you’ll collect 5 blue gems, and a red crystal if you make it 7 days in a row. Blue gems are important since you’ll want all the Talisman and potions you can get from the Honor Door. Even if you can’t play, be sure you at least launch the game in order to rack up your blue gem count.

10. Don’t rush training and energy refills

Rushing training and energy (food) refills will cost you a red crystal. This may not seem like a lot, but remember that red crystals aren’t exactly easy to come by unless you want to spend real world money. Like I mentioned earlier, always spend red crystals on the Door of Epics when you can since rare warriors are worth a lot more to you in the long term. Instead, just choose when you train wisely and exercise a little bit of patience when you run out of energy. AddictCheatsiOS CheatsWorld of Warriors Cheats,World of Warriors Cheats iOS,World of Warriors Hints,World of Warriors Tips
In World of Warriors you're on an epic journey across the Wildlands in order to conquer the Skull Army and the infamous King Boneshaker. You'll need to recruit warriors from all time periods including Samurais, Knights, Romans, Egyptian guards, Vikings, and more before going on the attack. Along the...