World Poker Club Cheats and Tricks

If you enjoy playing poker, and you would like to play against players all around the world, than I got just the mobile game for you! In World Poker Club, you can make your own profile and play poker against the most notorious and rich poker players around the world. Ran out of chips? No problem, you can always get more in the in-game store! World Poker Club has been developed and successfully released by game developer World Poker Club, and is pretty popular among card game enthusiasts. The game has been downloaded over one million times with a staggering rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Google Play Store and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on iOS App Store. World Poker Club is free to download and play on both Android and iOS devices, and does require an internet connection to play.

Before you are able to start playing World Poker Club, you will either have to log in with your Google Play account, Facebook account or play with a guest account. Playing with a guest account means that you will not be able to save your progress and use your chips on a different mobile device. However, if you choose to play World Poker Club using your Google Play or Facebook accounts, you will not only be able to save your progress, you will also be able to share your statistics with your friends and compete in the leaderboards. After you have decided with what kind of account you would like to play World Poker Club, you can start playing poker.

There are two kinds of poker in World Poker Club, Hold’em and Omaha. Before you join a table, you can select which kind of poker you would like to play. You will also be able to select the blinds, which can be set at a minimum of 5/10 poker chips and a maximum of 200.000/400.000 poker chips. After that, you can select either a five or nine seat table, a regular or high speed table type, after which you can automatically start searching for a poker table. You are also able to search for poker tables manually, and see how many people are playing poker at that table.

There are weekly poker tournaments, in which you can participate and win a big amount of poker chips. You will be able to see when the tournament ends, so you will have to participate in it before the timer runs out. Once you are in a tournament, you will be able to leave but you will lose all the chips that you have brought with you.

There are leaderboards in World Poker Club, where you can see a number of different tops. There is the Common Top, where you can see players with the most chips to their names. There is the Friends Top, which only shows your friends and there is the Tournament Top, which only shows the top players in a tournament. You are able to adjust a slider to Week, Month or All-time, which will adjust the leaderboards to that amount of time.

Logging in and playing World Poker Club every single day will reward you with bonus chips. The more days you consecutively log in and play the game, the more poker chips you will receive. The daily reward system only lasts for seven days, so make sure to take advantage of it.

World Poker Club Cheats and Tricks

World Poker Club In-game store

There are two kinds of currencies in World Poker Club. Like every poker game, there are chips, which you can use to bet and play poker with. You can easily obtain poker chips by joining easy tables, and by not taking too many risks. The second currency is premium and is in the form of gold coins, which is almost impossible to obtain by playing the game. You can use gold coins to exchange them for poker chips and respect tokens. There are also respect tokens, which cannot be used to play World Poker Club. You can gift respect tokens to your friends or other poker players, to show a sign of respect and to let them know that you had fun playing with them. The amount of respect tokens you obtain daily, depends on how many friends you have on World Poker Club and how well you are playing the game.

You can purchase poker chips and gold coins with real money, if you wish to do so. The price for poker chips starts at $0,99 for the smallest amount of 60.000 poker chips and goes up till $99,99 for the largest amount of 15.000.000 poker chips. The price for gold coins starts at $4,99 for the smallest amount of 400 gold coins and goes up till $99,99 for the largest amount of 15.000 gold coins. Any gold coins purchase you make, will also reward you with respect tokens. You can exchange one gold coin for either a thousand poker chips or two respect tokens.

You can earn free poker chips by either watching video advertisements or by completing offers through Supersonic. The advertisement videos are usually between fifteen and thirty seconds, and they will reward you with 1500 poker chips upon completion. The amount of poker chips you earn through offers, depends on what kind of offer you have completed. Offer through Supersonic usually entail that you have to either fill in a survey, or download and try out another app or game. Once you have completed the task, you will be rewarded with the amount of poker chips that have been promised to you, before you started the task.

Cheats & Tips for World Poker Club

There are a lot of websites on the internet that are offering cheat tools, hack tools or mods for World Poker Club, which can allegedly modify the game files on your mobile device and allow you to give yourself an unlimited amount of poker chips, gold coins and respect tokens. The reason that there are so many websites that offer such tools, is because of the fact that mobile gaming has become very popular over the years.

Scammers are trying to convince people that they have working cheat tools, and before people can start downloading them, they have to fill in surveys or click on a lot of advertisement banners. Each survey that gets filled in, and each advertisement that gets clicked, generates an income for the scammers. Once people have filled in the surveys and downloaded the so called cheat tools, they will quickly find out that they have been duped and that they have wasted their time. It could also be that the so called cheat tools are nothing but viruses, so I would advise everyone to never download anything from such websites. Instead of wasting your time and potentially risking your computer with nasty viruses, I will give you some tips and tricks that will help you in World Poker Club.

World Poker Club Cheats and Tricks

World Poker Club Gameplay Tips and Tricks

It is very important to realize that mobile poker is not the same as real life poker. There is a huge difference when you are playing a game like World Poker Club, because you are not able to see your opponents, so you look at their poker faces or other expressions. Because you are not able to study your opponents, you will have a hard time to determine if an opponent is bluffing or if he/she is for real.

Many players on World Poker Club purchase poker chips with real money, so they will be able to play with the “high rollers”. Of course, there are also many players that do not spend a single dime on World Poker Club, and simply play with the chips they have. This means that there is a huge gap between the types of players on World Poker Club, and you should expect a lot of players with a very aggressive playstyle.

It is easy to notice a lot of players that simply do not know what they are doing, or they are trying to make a quick buck by playing the game aggressively. For instance, at every table, there will be at least one or two players who always go “all in”. These kinds of players really ruin the gameplay, due to the fact that they do not take the gameplay seriously. The best piece of advice I could give anyone play World Poker Club, is to always think very wisely before making a move.

You can easily clean out the table by being smarter than your opponents, who are most of the time just some casual players. Once you have cleaned them out, you can start playing at the high rollers table, which means that you will face more serious opponents.

In World Poker Club it is very important to read your opponents, and see what kind of poker players they are. Once you have taken note of their strategies, you should start countering them by placing cleaver bets. Of course, you will have to have a good hand, before you start to make a move, but occasionally you should also bluff. This throws many players off their game, and they will get aggressive and start making dumb moves. This is the time that you clear them out, because you are the one who has kept his patience and used strategy.

World Poker Club Review

I have played a couple of mobile casino games over the years, including poker, and I can tell you that World Poker Club is one of the best ones between them. The graphics and animations are very nice, which shows me that the developers spend quite some time on them. There are also several soundtracks and sound effects, which fit the overall casino theme of the game very nicely. Perhaps one of the most positive aspects about World Poker Club is the fact that there are no advertisements in the game.

This means that you will not be annoying by banners, pop-ups or video advertisements, while you are playing poker. This is very important, due to the fact that poker players usually want to focus on the game, instead of being obstructed by annoying advertisements.
Unfortunately, even though World Poker Club is a very balanced game, there are still some negative aspects about it. For starters, there are annoying pop-ups that ask you to rate World Poker Club on the app stores. They show up randomly, and are obstructive in my opinion. Players that enjoy a certain game, will most likely go back and rate the game and write a review about it anyways, so there is no need for pop-ups like this. All they do is annoy and obstruct players, and they will have a negative effect on them.

Another negative aspect about World Poker Club is that many people are complaining that the gameplay is rigged. They say that they spend a lot of money to purchase chips, but the odds were always against them. I have no idea how true these statements are, but if enough people are complaining about it, there might be really a problem.

World Poker Club Cheats and Tricks

World Poker Club Ratings

Artwork: I give World Poker Club an 8/10 for its artwork. The graphics an animations in World Poker Club are very nice, especially considering that it is a mobile game. I really like the fact that the developers went with the whole “casino” theme of the game, and have a very clear cut user interface attached to it. The developers have also implemented a lot of very nice animations into the game, which makes the gameplay feel alive. Even though it is just a mobile poker game, sometimes it really gets thrilling and exciting, just like an actual poker game. This has everything to do with the fact that the graphics and animations are something you would see, when you are following a poker game on television for example. The developers did a very good job with the graphics of World Poker Club and they should be praised for it.
Music & SFX: I give World Poker Club an 8/10 for its music and SFX. The soundtracks in World Poker Club are off by default, but you can easily put them back on by going into the settings. I like the fact that the developers of World Poker Club have given the players the option to both the soundtracks and sound effects on and off. The soundtracks are gentle, and they will definitely not bother the players while they are playing World Poker Club. The sound effects are minimum, which is always appreciated in a poker game. I really like the fact that the developers were able to match the soundtracks and sound effects with the graphics of the game, which you do not often see any more in many mobile games.
Story & Originality: I give World Poker Club an 8/10 for its story and originality. There are a lot of poker games out on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store, but not many of them are as good as World Poker Club. This is due to the fact that the developers of World Poker Club have implemented their own creative ideas, be it for the main menus or for the leaderboards. This makes World Poker Club feel very fresh, even though you basically only play poker. I really like the fact that you can change the settings for the kind of table that you are looking for, and the game will automatically look for a table of your choice. There is no story behind World Poker Club, but a poker game does not need one at all, in my opinion.
General Gameplay: I give World Poker Club an 8/10 for general gameplay. The gameplay in World Poker Club does not start with a tutorial, but you will receive a tour through the game. You will learn how to purchase poker chips and how to join a table and play poker. Once the tour is over, the gameplay becomes pretty straightforward, but luckily still very entertaining. This is due to the fact that you can select your own preferences and options, and the game will look for a poker table according to those. This is very nice for players that are just beginners at playing poker, but also for players who are more experienced.
Addictiveness: I give World Poker Club an 8/10 for addictiveness. It is very nice to see that the developers of World Poker Club did not implement any kind of playtime limitations into the game, which means that players can play poker whenever they want, however long they want. Of course, you will always need enough poker chips, but there are ways to earn them for free, if you do not want to spend money on a mobile game like World Poker Club.
All things considered, I give World Poker Club an 8/10. AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS Cheats
If you enjoy playing poker, and you would like to play against players all around the world, than I got just the mobile game for you! In World Poker Club, you can make your own profile and play poker against the most notorious and rich poker players around the...