Angry Birds 2 cheats

We’ll show you our favorite Angry Birds 2 tips and tricks to help you beat the levels faster, reach higher scores and avoid spending money on in-app purchases just to get to the next level. This guide will also let you know what to look out for when it comes to Angry Birds 2 cheats and hacks.

Angry Birds 2 arrived on iPhone, iPad and Android recently with a return of Angry Birds, Disgruntled Pigs and puzzling levels. Although this is Angry Birds 2, it is actually the 13th Angry birds game.

Unlike the original that required an up front purchase, Angry Birds 2 is free to download, but there are in-app purchases to unlock items. This is a pretty standard way to make and sell games in 2015, but it means you will need to work harder and use Angry Birds 2 tips to avoid spending any cash.

Here are the essential Angry Birds 2 tips and tricks you need to know and details that gamers need to check out before attempting any Angry Birds 2 hacks or cheats.

Angry Birds 2 Cheat for Free Lives

If you run out of Angry Birds 2 lives you can get free ones without waiting half an hour to play again or paying with gems in the game.

When you run out of chances, you can get free Angry Birds 2 lives by setting your clock ahead.

  1. Close Angry Birds 2 from multitasking.
  2. Go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> Uncheck Set Automatically -> Set time ahead a few hours or a day.
  3. Go back to Angry Birds 2 and see your free lives.
  4. Go back to Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> CHECK Set Automatically.
  5. Make sure you set the time back or you may miss appointments and events. If you do this too often you will need to set the date ahead even further.

Angry Birds 2 cheats

Choose the Right Bird

When you can start to choose the bird that you shoot, you should experiment with the order that you aim and fire birds in.

By tapping on the card in the lower left corner you can choose which bird you fire. The special abilities that you activate with a second tap will help you beat the levels, and this is especially important in two-room levels.

The tutorial walks through these options, but if you find yourself stuck on a level, make sure you switch up the order.

Take Your Time With Second Shots

After you fire off a shot, don’t go right back to the slingshot to fire again. This is especially important in levels where you aim at buildings and structures.

In many cases a two second wait allows something else to fall which can beat the level or completely change your strategy.

Stop a Shot After You Pull Back

After you pull back on the slingshot, you can still cancel your shot and switch to another bird.

Instead of lifting your finger up to let go, just move back to the slingshot slowly and then let go. Make sure that you are all the way back, or you’ll just launch into nowhere and waste a bird. Practice this in the tutorials and early levels.

Get Free Angry Birds 2 Gems and Items

Instead of paying for Angry Birds 2 items, you can unlock free items and upgrades each day. The Angry Birds 2 daily rewards will allow you to get necessary items to beat harder levels. All you need to do is log in each day to get a free upgrade.

If you have time to watch a video you can double your reward and get more free Angry Birds 2 gems that will help you out when you are in a bind.

Angry Birds 2 cheats

Play Through Even if You Mess Up

The older Angry Birds games did not limit your attempts on a level with lives. In Angry Birds 2, you only have five lives at a time, which is one way you’ll need to spend money to keep playing or wait until a new life regenerates.

Restarting a level will cost you a life, so instead of giving up, go for a long shot and keep flinging birds at pigs. You can get a better understanding of the level and what you need to do next time.

Know Your Birds

Each of the birds in Angry Birds 2 features a special skill. You don’t need to unlock the special skill or build it up, you just use a second tap to activate the skill.

As you unlock the new birds you will learn their skills, but in case you forget,

  • Red – Wind gust to knock over obstacles.
  • Blues – Splits into three and takes out ice blocks easily.
  • Chuck – Tap to dash through wood.
  • Matilda – Drops an egg and blasts up.
  • Silver – Loop and nosedive or big attacks.
  • Bomb – Explode after a crash, or tap to explode on demand.
  • Terence – Push towards items with this massive bird.

Remember to tap the cards to use the best bird for a situation, or you will end up frustrated.

Complete Quests

Another way to get free items in the game is to complete quests. These are often tasks you will finish as you play anyway, but if you look at them you can knock them out faster.

Tap on the small menu option on the map to pull up the Angry Birds 2 daily quests. Here you will see the rewards and the task you must complete.

Angry Birds 2 Hacks

The game is new enough that there aren’t a lot of Angry Birds 2 hacks available yet. When you do start to see Angry Birds 2 hacks arrive online the biggest thing to be aware of is that many will not actually deliver the free gems that get around in-app purchases.

Most of the time these types of hacks will ask users to fill out a survey or complete an offer before downloading the supposed hack. Rarely do these actually deliver the unlimited gems, coins and resources that they promise. AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS Cheatsangry birds 2 cheats,angry birds 2 cheats android,angry birds 2 cheats ios,angry birds 2 hacks,angry birds 2 tips,angry birds 2 tricks
We’ll show you our favorite Angry Birds 2 tips and tricks to help you beat the levels faster, reach higher scores and avoid spending money on in-app purchases just to get to the next level. This guide will also let you know what to look out for when it...