Dominations Tips and Tricks

At first glance, Dominations will remind you of Civilization. However, some elements, especially battle mechanics, are borrowed from Clash of Clans. Everything else, such as base-building, research etc. is reminiscent of popular RTS games like Rise of Nations.

The game does a good job in combining traditional RTS/TBS base-building with current-gen mobile strategy mechanics. Seasoned RTS gamers will be familiar with gameplay, but newbies might feel lost and confused. These beginner-level tips and tricks will help them earn more resources, win real-time battles and have their base defense right.

Defending Your Town: Tips and Strategies You Should Know

Build a garrison to produce troops that will defend your town from enemies. The garrison produces defenders frequently. Troops attack in waves. You can improve troop strength by upgrading the garrison, which gets unlocked in the Bronze Age. It can be upgraded in every new age to increase soldiers, reduce wave time and boost hitpoints.

A garrison combined with 2-3 towers strategically placed around the town center/important resource-generating buildings should be your first priority before the peace treaty ends. As you progress to a new age, you will get to unlock more advanced forms of towers, garrison and artillery to defend your town.

Dominations Tips and Tricks

Walls and gates can boost your town defenses. Build walls around your town so that enemy troops will have to break them first before entering. Having gates as entry points will also keep enemies busy while your defenders and tower keepers take them down one by one. Another advantage of building a gate is that it allows your garrisoned defenders move through your walls and attack enemies. Destroying walls and gates takes time, which will give enough time to defenders and towers to attack them. Make sure you place towers near gates as well as close to walls so that they can take down enemy troops quickly.

Tap on a Garrison or a tower to inspect their “range”. The white circle around a tower shows its attack range, whereas for the garrison, the white circle shows how far defenders will go to defend your town. Always inspect the range of each defensive building and place them accordingly so that they can cover multiple buildings.

Upgrade defensive buildings like towers, catapults etc. in regular intervals to improve their range, damage per second, XP reward and hitpoints.

Use the map editor to strategically place your defenses around town and important buildings. The map editor lets you move and erase buildings and towers. However, it cannot remove rocks or small trees. For removing them, you will need to hire a worker and spend a few coins.

In Dominations, clearing forests not only reveals hidden treasures, gold deposits and relics but also mercenaries. You can recruit them soon after you have built a Mercenary Camp. Mercenaries are extra troops that can assist your army in battle. The good thing is that they don’t hog your barracks troop capacity in any way. However, you will need to trade “rare items” like metal, cider, leather fur etc. to recruit them.

Battle Hints

When raiding an enemy base, make sure you follow the left/right flank strategy. Deploy half of the units from one side and other half from the other side. Don’t just rush in from one direction. Look for loopholes in n enemy base set-up and exploit them to your advantage.

Keep a mix of troops in your battalion. Each troop has its own strengths and weaknesses. To know more about them, tap on Barracks > Train and tap on the question mark above each unit to know their favorite targets, flaws and strengths. Once you are well aware of their key attributes, tap on “Battle”, inspect the enemy layout (in single-player missions) and examine the set-up. Don’t just deploy your troops yet. You may have to go back if you notice your current battalion lacks units that may be stronger to certain defensive buildings or defenders. To go back to your base, tap on “End Battle”.

You may come back any time once you have the right mix of units in your battalion.

Build a blacksmith to unlock additional troops and upgrade existing ones. To unlock more units, upgrade your blacksmith.

Dominations Tips and Tricks

Managing Your Town: Key Points

The more workers you have, the faster you will gather food and gold. Build more houses to produce workers (one house produces 2 workers). When you advance to a new age, always check the economy section and see how many houses are still remaining to be built. Try to max out houses. Remember the more houses you have, the more workers you will receive to complete key tasks such as hunting, gathering food and mining gold.

Keep your workers busy. Divide work among your workers and use them to gather food from trees, hunt animals and mine gold. No worker should be idle. This will increase productivity and you will collect more gold and food quickly. Trees and gold mines produce resources regularly, but have a cool down time that ranges from a few minutes to an hour or so. Set your workers to gather foods and collect gold as soon as the cool down time ends.

Increase your food and gold storage. This way, all your hard-earned money and food won’t go wasted. Build a mill and market as soon as possible to boost storage capacity. Also, make sure to upgrade them regularly to receive additional storage. Stock up on your resources so that you can spend them on construction, upgrades and troop recruitment.

Don’t ignore those pile of rocks scattered around your town. Some of them may hide a small chest containing gold or metals. Metals can also be found while mining gold. They are usually used to purchase small food shipments via the mill.

Clear forests to find gold deposits, treasure chests and ruins. Tap on ruins to earn crowns. You can then sell ruins for gold coins. A gold deposit, unlike a gold mine, allows you to extract goal for a limited number of turns. Once you have completed mining gold from a deposit, it will disappear.

Build roads to connect buildings. Roads generate gold over time. The more buildings get connected, the more gold you will earn.

You don’t have to use crowns to speed-up construction or upgrades for buildings that take 5 minutes or less to complete. Save crowns for speeding up larger upgrades and key buildings. You can get crowns for free soon after you complete tasks. Tap on the bearded man icon at the top-left corner of the screen to find out what tasks are required to complete in order to get crowns. Another way of earning crowns is ruins. You will need to clear forests surrounding your town to get access to them. AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS CheatsDominations Cheats,Dominations Cheats Android,Dominations Cheats iOS,Dominations Tips,Dominations Tricks
At first glance, Dominations will remind you of Civilization. However, some elements, especially battle mechanics, are borrowed from Clash of Clans. Everything else, such as base-building, research etc. is reminiscent of popular RTS games like Rise of Nations. The game does a good job in combining traditional RTS/TBS base-building with...