Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Tips and Cheats

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a turn-based role-playing game from EA Capital Games. It lets you create your own squad, participate in Light or Dark side battles, train squad members and equip them with special items to make them stronger. The game has no story mode. Well, fans need no story and developers are well aware of that.

The game focuses on combat and only combat. But there’s another feature that will attract players, especially Star Wars fans – Characters, lots of them. Old and new. Legendary and lesser known heroes/villains. There are plenty of playable characters, each with its own unique attack style and ability and collecting all of them will take days, even months. Leveling up will unlock extra content, which is another reason for playing this game.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’ gameplay is very similar to EA’s epic squad-based strategy RPG called Heroes of Dragon Age. There’s a fun PvP squad arena mode, Squad Cantina Battles, Challenges, Events and Galactic War. But to get them, you will need to play more battles and win them. These quick tips and strategies will help you defeat enemy squads, earn more rewards and unlock characters.

1. Training Your Characters Not Only Levels Them Up But Also Boosts Your Squad Power

Training droids that you get after finishing a battle are used to level up your characters. After every battle, you should train your squad members. There are one-star, two-star, even three-star training droids. The more number of stars a training droid has, the more XP it will provide to a character.

Training a squad member boosts his attributes (Strength, Agility and Intelligence) and increases his PWR or power. Keep training all characters in your squad to increase their level and PWR. This will also boost your total squad power. The total squad power number is the combined PWR of all members in your squad.

Squad power plays a key role in winning battles against players in Squad Arena. When choosing an opponent at the arena, look for lower-level, lower Squad PWR opponents. Battling such players will give you an edge in a battle and you may even win it. But before that make sure you keep leveling up/increasing a character’s PWR and equipping gear to all squad members to make your squad stronger.

Before battling enemies, train all characters of your squad. Have a balanced side with same-level characters. Try not to spend training droids only on one character. Your focus should be to allocate droids to all characters. Assign one droid to each character when training your squad members. You may focus on training one character if you think he is more powerful than the rest, but it would be wiser to allocate training droids to each character and have a balanced squad.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Tips and Cheats

2. Equipping Your Character with Gear: Tips You Should Know

Equipping gear to a squad member will make him/her stronger. Each gear is special and grants something that will help your character fight enemies in a mission. For example: The MK 3 neuro-Saav Electrobinoculors adds +200 health and +18 special damage to a character’s overall stats if equipped.

Most gear items improves your character’s Strength, Agility and Intelligence attributes, but there are certain special gear that increases a character’s speed or improves health and special damage. Gear may be common and can be equipped to any character or special that can be equipped to a specific character.

You can equip gear to your squad member by going to “Characters”. The green plus sign beside a character’s portrait indicates that a collected gear can be equipped to that slot. An orange plus sign indicates that your character needs to level up first and only then you can equip a gear to that slot. Gear you have collected so far can be found in “Sell Items”. You can sell unwanted gear for credits.

You can also search for gear that you want to equip to a specific squad member. Go to “Characters” and tap on a character portrait. Next, tap on empty slot that has a magnifying glass icon. Tap on the “Find” button. The game will show a list of locations where the gear can be obtained. Tap on “Battle” or “Challenge” under each location to complete it.

3. How to Unlock All Attacks & Abilities of a Character

The Attacks and Abilities section can be found in “Character Details”. Tap on “Characters” and then select a squad member to find what special attacks and abilities he/she has. Abilities include ability to heal, evade, gain critical damage, gain 75 percent turn meter etc. Special attacks include dealing physical attacks to the target enemy or all enemies in battle. Special attacks can also include abilities.

For example: A special attack can deal damage to a target enemy and gain 25 percent turn. There are various types of special attacks and abilities. Each character has its own unique special attack and ability.

You can use them when battling enemies. Each attack and ability of a character can be used in turns. The number of turns varies from one attack/ability to other. Some abilities are reusable in 5 turns; others can be reused in 3 turns.

To unlock a character’s special attack/ability, he or she needs to reach a new Gear level. To reach a new gear level, you will need to fill all gear slots of a character. Tap on Find to locate gear and complete missions in that location to get the required gear.

Once you have reached a new Gear level and unlocked a special attack/ability, you can improve it further. Tap on the unlocked special attack/ability and upgrade it with Ability materials. You can get them from shipments.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Tips and Cheats

4. Eliminate the Healer First

The battlefield has several types of enemies, but it’s the healer that can turn the tide. The healer heals all units, significantly increasing their health. When fighting, find the healer (you can easily recognize him when he heals all characters in the enemy squad), tap on him and eliminate him first.

Add a healer (Jedi Consular) to your squad and upgrade his healing abilities. Use Ability materials, which can be found in shipments, to improve his healing ability by a certain percentage.

5. How to Unlock All Characters

The game offers lots of old and new characters from the SW universe. Here are some hints to unlock them:

1. Earning shards by playing a mission in hard mode is a great way to unlock Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes characters. You will have to play all levels of a mission in normal mode to unlock hard mode. 
In hard mode, there will be fewer levels, but enemies would be tough to beat. You may earn more rewards + character shards after completing a hard level.

Check the “Possible Rewards” section to know what rewards you may receive if you complete a hard level. Remember, character shards will be given as first clear rewards, which means you will get them after clearing a hard level in your first attempt.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Tips and Cheats

2. Another way to unlock characters is to rank up the Squad Arena leaderboard. The Squad Arena lets you battle same-level players from around the world. Winning battles lets you rank up the leaderboard and earn prizes such as Arena Tokens, credits and crystals. Prizes based on the tier you are in will be sent to your inbox every day. The rewards you will receive are based on the tier you are currently in. Arena tokens you receive as rewards can be used to purchase characters under Arena Shipments.

Keep battling human players to rank up the leaderboard and get to a higher tier. There will be a cool down time of a few minutes once you finish battling a player. Once the cool down timer hits zero, you can battle another player from the list. You can even change the list of players, but for that you will have to spend crystals.

The higher the tier you are in, the more arena tokens you will receive. The list of characters that can exchanged for tokens are displayed in Arena Shipments. The list gets reset every after a few hours. So be quick and battle as many players as possible to reach a higher tier to get rewards and unlock your favorite characters.

3. You can purchase data cards with crystals. Data cards can be categorized into Chromium and Bronzium data cards. The former costs crystals whereas the latter can be purchased with ally points. You can also get a Bronzium card for free in every 20-30 minutes. Chromium cards drop a random 1-4 star character or shards, which can then be used to unlock characters. It may contain a character from light or dark side battles. Bronzium data cards drop 1 or 2 star characters, gear, credits or shards.

4. Keep an eye on the “Achievements” section and complete them to get character shards. Some of them grant a complete set of shards that will help you unlock a character immediately upon completion. For example, to complete the “Feel the Force” achievement, you will have to reach player level 10. Upon completion you will receive one Darth Vader shard and 50 Talia shards. You can then unlock Talia instantly using those shards. Remember: Shards + credits let you unlock a character.

5. The game will tell you how to complete an achievement. Tap on a new achievement challenge and then press “Go” under “Rewards” to go to the location where you can earn it. 
You can also receive character shards via Daily Logins. Keep an eye on daily rewards and play the game every day to get them.

6. Hints to Get Crystals

You will receive one sure-shot crystal when you win a level in Light or Dark side battles. Crystals are awarded as first attempt bonuses. So you will get one guaranteed crystal if you clear a new battle for the first time.

Completing achievements is another way to get crystals. The “Achievements” section shows a list of prizes you will receive under “Rewards”. These could be shards, credits and ally points (used to buy Bronzium cards). There are some achievements like “Arena Fight”, “The Light Side Path” and “A Delivery Awaits” that grant 5 or more crystals upon completion.

Completing challenges under “Daily Activities” is probably the best way to get free crystals. You will not only get crystals, but also XP, credits, 2-3 star training droids and sometimes arena tokens. To complete a Daily Activities challenge, tap on the green button at the bottom right corner of the home screen, select a challenge and tap on Go.

You should complete all tasks of a challenge to get your rewards. For Example: In “Use the Force” Daily Activity, you must finish 3 light side battle to get 40 XP, 1.5K credits and 2 crystals. Keep an eye on Daily activities and try completing them to get more rewards.

You will receive 200 crystals for rating the game and 100 crystals for turning on notifications. Then there are Daily login rewards. So there are plenty of ways to earn them for free.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Tips and Cheats

7. Use Auto-Play, Sit Back and Enjoy

When you are fighting the Light or Dark force, tap on Auto-Play to let the AI fight opponents. Auto-play can also be used in PvP battles in Squad Arena. I have noticed that the AI is fairly good in deciding when to use special abilities and attacks and which enemy to target first.

Before switching to auto-battle mode, make sure you have a strong squad. Train your squad members after every battle and equip them with new gear. Improve their special abilities using ability materials, unlock more abilities by reaching a new gear level and then use auto-play. Sit back and enjoy watching your squad turning enemies to pulp.

8. Use Sim Tickets to Complete 3 Star Battles Instantly

You can use a sim ticket to complete a 3 star battle without actually playing it. You will need to play a level and earn 3 stars first in order to use a sim ticket. Tap on Light or Dark side battles. Next, tap on a previously completed 3-star level and then tap on the Sim button located just beside the “Select Battle” button to complete it instantly.
Sim tickets can be extremely useful if want to get extra rewards from a level without much effort. You will need to spend one ticket to complete a 3-star level.

Use a ticket wisely. Check the Possible Rewards section of a 3 star level first before using a sim ticket. Choose a 3 star level that gives the best rewards and then use a sim ticket to complete it instantly.
You may get 1 sim ticket after completing a battle. Tickets can also be received as rewards from Daily Activities and as Login rewards. AddictAndroid CheatsCheatsiOS CheatsStar Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Cheats,Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Cheats Android,Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Cheats iOS,Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Tips
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a turn-based role-playing game from EA Capital Games. It lets you create your own squad, participate in Light or Dark side battles, train squad members and equip them with special items to make them stronger. The game has no story mode. Well, fans...